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Words formed from any letters in clerid, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

7 letters

a -   decrial   radicel   radicle

c -   circled

h -   eldrich

s -   clerids

6 letters

a -   ariled   caried   cradle   credal   derail   dialer   eclair   lacier   laired   railed   reclad   redial   relaid

b -   birled   bridle

c -   circle   cleric   clerid

d -   clerid   dirled   dreidl   riddle

e -   ceiled   ceiler   clerid   decile   deicer   lieder   relied

f -   rifled

g -   gilder   girdle   glider   regild   ridgel

h -   chider   chield   childe   dreich   herdic

i -   clerid   dicier

k -   dicker   licked   licker   ricked

l -   clerid   rilled

m -   dermic   milder

n -   cinder

o -   coiled   coiler   colder   docile   recoil   roiled

p -   priced

r -   clerid

s -   ciders   dicers   idlers   relics   scried   sidler   sliced   slicer   slider

t -   credit   delict   deltic   direct   relict   tirled   triced

u -   curdle   curled

v -   cervid   drivel

w -   wilder

y -   direly   ridley

5 letters

a -   acred   acrid   aider   ailed   aired   alcid   alder   arced   areic   ariel   cadre   caird   cared   carle   cedar   ceria   clade   clear   daric   deair   decal   drail   erica   ideal   ileac   irade   laced   lacer   lader   laird   liard   lidar   raced   redia

b -   bider   bield   birle   bride   cebid   liber   rebid

c -   cerci   ceric   cider   cried   dicer   relic   riced

d -   cider   cried   diced   dicer   dried   idled   idler   redid   riced   riled

e -   ceder   cered   cider   creed   creel   cried   deice   dicer   edile   eider   elder   elide   idler   relic   riced   riled

f -   felid   field   filed   filer   fired   flied   flier   fried   lifer   rifle

g -   dirge   gelid   glide   gride   liger   ridge

h -   chide   chiel   child   chile   hider   hired

i -   cider   cried   dicer   icier   idler   relic   riced   riled

j -   jerid

k -   clerk   diker   dreck   icker   irked   liked   liker

l -   celli   drill   idler   iller   relic   riled   rille

m -   clime   crime   dimer   limed   medic   melic   miler   mired   rimed

n -   cline   diner   lined   liner   nicer

o -   ceorl   coder   coled   cored   credo   decor   dolce   dolci   oiled   oiler   older   oldie   oleic   oriel   reoil

p -   cripe   peril   piled   plied   plier   price   pride   pried   redip   riped

r -   cider   cried   crier   dicer   direr   drier   idler   relic   riced   ricer   rider   riled

s -   cedis   ceils   cires   cries   deils   delis   dices   dirls   dries   idles   isled   liers   resid   rices   rides   riels   riles   sidle   sired   slice   slide   slier

t -   cited   citer   edict   liter   litre   recti   relit   telic   tilde   tiled   tiler   tired   trice   tried

u -   clued   crude   cruel   cured   curie   lucid   lucre   ludic   lured   lurid   ruled   ulcer   ureic

v -   devil   diver   drive   ervil   lived   liver   livre   rived   viced   viler

w -   weird   wider   wield   wiled   wired   wried

x -   xeric

y -   cyder   decry   dicey   drily   lyric   redly   riley   yield

4 letters

a -   aced   acid   acre   aide   alec   arid   aril   cade   cadi   caid   card   care   carl   clad   dace   dale   dare   deal   dear   dial   earl   idea   ilea   lace   lade   laic   laid   lair   lard   lari   lead   lear   liar   lira   race   raid   rail   rale   read   real   rial

b -   bice   bide   bier   bile   bird   birl   bled   bred   brie   crib   drib

c -   cedi   ceil   cire   dice   iced   lice   rice

d -   cedi   deil   deli   dice   died   diel   dire   dirl   iced   idle   ired   lied   redd   ride

e -   cede   cedi   ceil   cere   cire   deer   deil   dele   deli   dere   dice   diel   dire   dree   eide   iced   idle   ired   leer   lice   lied   lier   lire   rede   reed   reel   rice   ride   riel   rile

f -   clef   defi   delf   fice   file   fire   fled   flic   lief   life   reif   rife

g -   dreg   geld   gied   gild   gird   girl   gled   grid

h -   chid   elhi   heil   heir   held   herd   herl   hide   hied   hire   lech   lehr   lich   rich

i -   cedi   ceil   cire   deil   deli   dice   diel   dire   dirl   iced   idle   ired   irid   lice   lied   lier   lire   liri   rice   ride   riel   rile

k -   deck   dick   dike   dirk   drek   keir   kier   lick   like   reck   rick

l -   ceil   cell   deil   deli   dell   diel   dill   dirl   idle   lice   lied   lier   lire   riel   rile   rill

m -   derm   dime   emic   emir   idem   lime   meld   merl   mice   mild   mile   mire   rime

n -   cine   deni   dine   lend   lien   line   nerd   nice   nide   rein   rend   rind

o -   cero   clod   code   coed   coil   coir   cold   cole   cord   core   deco   diol   doer   dole   dore   idol   lido   loci   lode   lord   lore   odic   orle   redo   rode   roil   role

p -   clip   drip   epic   lipe   peri   pice   pied   pier   pile   pled   plie   ripe

r -   cire   dire   dirl   ired   lier   lire   rice   ride   riel   rile

s -   cels   cris   dels   dies   disc   elds   ices   ides   ires   isle   leis   lids   lies   recs   reds   reis   rids   rise   sice   side   sild   sire   sled   slid

t -   celt   cite   clit   delt   diet   dirt   dite   edit   etic   lite   rite   tide   tied   tier   tile   tire   tirl

u -   clue   crud   cued   curd   cure   curl   duce   duci   duel   dure   ecru   leud   lieu   luce   lude   lure   rude   rued   rule   uric

v -   dive   evil   live   rive   veil   veld   vice   vide   vied   vier   vile   virl

w -   clew   crew   drew   lewd   lwei   weir   weld   wide   wild   wile   wire

x -   ilex

y -   dyer   idly   idyl   lyre   rely   yeld   yird

3 letters

a -   ace   aid   ail   air   ale   arc   are   cad   car   dal   ear   era   lac   lad   lar   lea   rad   ria

b -   bed   bel   bid   deb   dib   lib   reb   rib

c -   cel   ice   rec

d -   del   did   die   eld   led   lid   red   rid

e -   cee   cel   dee   del   die   eel   eld   ere   ice   ire   led   lee   lei   lie   rec   red   ree   rei

f -   elf   fed   fer   fid   fie   fil   fir   ref   rif

g -   cig   dig   erg   ged   gel   gid   gie   leg   reg   rig

h -   chi   edh   her   hic   hid   hie   ich

i -   die   ice   ire   lei   lid   lie   rei   rid

k -   elk   ick   ilk   irk   kid   kir   lek

l -   cel   del   eld   ell   ill   led   lei   lid   lie

m -   dim   elm   med   mel   mid   mil   mir   rem   rim

n -   den   din   end   ern   lin   nil   rin

o -   cod   col   cor   doc   doe   dol   dor   ode   oil   old   ole   orc   ore   roc   rod   roe

p -   cep   dip   lip   pec   ped   per   pic   pie   rep   rip

r -   err   ire   rec   red   rei   rid

s -   cis   dis   eds   els   ers   ids   lis   res   sec   sei   sel   ser   sic   sir   sri

t -   dit   let   lit   ret   ted   tel   tic   tie   til

u -   cud   cue   cur   due   dui   ecu   leu   rue   urd

v -   dev   lev   rev   vie

w -   dew   wed

x -   dex   lex   rex

y -   cry   dey   dry   dye   icy   ley   lye   rye   yid

z -   lez   zed

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