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Words formed from any letters in clach, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

s -   clachs

5 letters

a -   clach

c -   clach

e -   cache   cecal   chela   leach

h -   clach

i -   laich

k -   chalk   clack

l -   clach

o -   coach   loach

r -   larch

s -   clash

t -   catch   latch

u -   culch

4 letters

a -   caca

b -   bach   blah

d -   chad   clad   dahl   dhal

e -   ache   alec   ceca   each   hale   heal   lace   lech

f -   calf   half

g -   clag

i -   chia   chic   hail   hila   laic   lich

k -   calk   hack   lack   lakh

l -   call   hall

m -   calm   cham   clam   halm   mach

n -   clan

o -   calo   chao   coal   coca   cola   halo   loca   loch

p -   caph   chap   clap

r -   arch   carl   char   harl

s -   cash   lacs   lash

t -   chat   halt   lath   tach   talc

u -   caul   haul   hula

w -   chaw   claw

x -   calx

y -   achy   acyl   chay   clay   hyla   lacy

3 letters

a -   aah   aal   aha   ala   lac

b -   alb   bah   bal   cab   lab

c -   lac

d -   cad   dah   dal   had   lad

e -   ace   ale   cel   hae   lea

g -   gal   hag   lag

h -   hah

i -   ail   chi   hic   ich

j -   haj

l -   all   lac

m -   cam   ham   lam   mac

n -   can   nah

o -   col   hao   oca

p -   alp   cap   hap   lap   pac   pah   pal

r -   arc   car   lar   rah

s -   als   ash   has   las   sac   sal   sha

t -   act   alt   cat   hat   lat

v -   lav   vac

w -   awl   caw   haw   law   wha

x -   lax

y -   cay   hay   lay   yah

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