More Words

Words formed from any letters in cineast, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

a -   estancia

b -   cabinets

d -   distance

e -   cineaste

f -   fanciest

h -   asthenic   chanties

i -   canities

m -   amnestic   semantic

n -   ancients   canniest   insectan   instance

o -   aconites   canoeist   sonicate

r -   canister   ceratins   cisterna   creatins   scantier   tacrines

s -   cineasts   scanties

t -   entastic   nictates   tetanics

v -   vesicant

y -   cyanites

z -   zincates

7 letters

a -   acetins   catenas   cineast   entasia   satanic   taenias

b -   banties   basinet   cabinet

c -   accents   acetins   ascetic   cineast

d -   candies   decants   descant   destain   detains   discant   incased   instead   sainted   scanted   stained

e -   acetins   cetanes   cineast   entices   etesian   tenaces

f -   fainest   fancies   fascine   fiances   infects

g -   actings   cagiest   casting   ceasing   easting   eatings   incages   ingates   ingesta   seating   teasing

h -   achiest   aitches   chaines   chasten   ethnics   sheitan   sthenia   sthenic

i -   acetins   cineast   incites   isatine

j -   injects

k -   anticks   cakiest   catkins   intakes

l -   cantles   catlins   centals   clients   elastic   elastin   entails   inlaces   laciest   lancets   latices   lectins   nailset   salient   saltine   sanicle   scaleni   slainte   stencil   tenails   tincals

m -   amnesic   cinemas   etamins   inmates   nematic   sematic   tameins

n -   acetins   ancient   canines   cineast   encinas   inanest   incants   nancies   nascent   stanine   stannic

o -   acinose   aconite   actions   atonics   atonies   cations   notices   octanes   section

p -   aseptic   catnips   incepts   inscape   inspect   panties   patines   pectins   picante   sapient   spicate   spinate

r -   anestri   antsier   arcsine   arsenic   canters   carnets   carnies   ceratin   certain   cistern   creatin   cretins   cristae   narcist   nastier   nectars   raciest   ratines   recants   retains   retinas   retsina   scanter   stainer   stearic   stearin   tacrine   tanrecs   trances

s -   acetins   ascents   ascites   caseins   cineast   ectasis   entasis   incases   incests   insects   nasties   secants   sestina   stances   tansies   tisanes

t -   acetins   catties   cineast   instate   nictate   satinet   statice   tetanic

u -   aunties   nutcase   sinuate   tunicae

v -   actives   naivest   natives   vainest   venatic

w -   tawnies   waniest

x -   antisex   inexact   sextain

y -   cyanite   cystein   cystine

z -   zaniest   zeatins   zincate

6 letters

a -   acetin   actins   ansate   antics   ascent   casein   casita   catena   centai   centas   enacts   enatic   incase   nastic   sancta   secant   stance   taenia   tenias   tineas   tisane

b -   absent   binate   bisect   cabins   ceibas   sabine

c -   accent   acetic   acetin   actins   antics   ascent   cantic   caseic   casein   centai   centas   enacts   enatic   incase   incest   insect   nastic   nicest   scenic   secant   siccan   stance

d -   ascend   cadent   cadets   canids   canted   dances   decant   detain   dicast   edicts   nicads   sained   staned   teinds

e -   acetin   ascent   casein   centai   centas   cetane   enacts   enates   enatic   encase   entice   incase   incest   insect   nicest   nieces   sateen   seance   secant   senate   seneca   stance   tenace   teniae   tenias   tineas   tisane

f -   facets   facies   faints   fasten   feints   fiance   fiesta   finest   infect   infest

g -   acting   ageist   agents   casing   easing   eating   gainst   gestic   giants   incage   ingate   ingest   sating   signet   tinges

h -   canthi   chaine   chains   chaise   chants   chaste   cheats   chinas   chines   chints   encash   ethics   ethnic   hances   hasten   inches   itches   naches   niches   sachet   saithe   scathe   shanti   snatch   snathe   snitch   stanch   stench   taches   thanes   theins

i -   acetin   actins   anisic   antics   casein   casini   centai   cities   enatic   iciest   incase   incest   incise   incite   insect   isatin   nastic   nicest   seniti   tenias   tineas   tisane

j -   inject   sejant

k -   antick   casket   catkin   intake   kinase   sicken   takins

l -   aliens   alines   atelic   cantle   castle   catlin   cental   cleans   cleats   client   clines   eclats   elains   elints   enlist   entail   inlace   inlets   instal   lances   lancet   latens   lectin   lentic   lianes   linacs   listen   saline   saltie   silane   silent   stelai   stelic   tenail   ticals   tincal   tineal   tinsel

m -   aments   amices   amines   anemic   animes   camise   cinema   etamin   iceman   inmate   inseam   manics   mantes   mantic   mantis   mastic   matins   mesian   minces   misact   misate   miseat   samite   semina   stamen   tamein

n -   acetin   actins   anenst   antics   ascent   canine   cannie   casein   centai   centas   enacts   enatic   encina   inanes   incant   incase   incest   innate   insane   insect   nances   nastic   nicest   secant   sennit   sienna   stance   tannic   tenias   tennis   tineas   tisane

o -   action   aeonic   atones   atonic   canoes   cantos   casino   cation   centos   cestoi   coatis   conies   contes   cosine   costae   cotans   icones   noetic   notice   oceans   octane   octans   oscine   scotia   tocsin   tonics

p -   apices   apneic   aspect   catnip   epacts   incept   instep   paints   panics   pantie   pastie   patens   patine   patins   pecans   pectin   petsai   pietas   pineta   pintas   ptisan   septic   spicae   spinet

r -   airest   antres   arisen   arsine   astern   cairns   caners   canter   carets   caries   carnet   carnie   cartes   casern   caster   caters   centra   cerias   citers   cranes   crates   cretin   crista   ericas   estrin   inerts   insert   instar   inters   nacres   nectar   niters   nitres   racist   rances   ratine   reacts   recant   recast   retain   retina   santir   satire   sinter   steric   sterna   strain   striae   tanrec   terais   traces   trains   trance   triacs   trices   triens   trines

s -   actins   anises   antics   ascent   assent   casein   castes   centas   cestas   enacts   incase   incest   insect   insets   nastic   nicest   saices   saints   sanest   sanies   sansei   satins   scants   scenas   scents   secant   siesta   stains   stance   stanes   steins   tassie   tenias   tineas   tisane

t -   acetin   actins   antics   ascent   attics   cattie   centai   centas   enacts   enatic   incest   insect   intact   nastic   nicest   secant   sitten   stacte   stance   static   taints   tanist   tenias   tincts   tineas   tisane   titans

u -   acinus   acutes   auntie   cantus   cuesta   cuties   cutins   incuse   tenuis   tunica   tunics   uncase   unciae   unites   unseat   unties   usance

v -   active   cavies   civets   evicts   invest   naives   native   navies   savine   vesica   vincas

w -   twains   twines   winces   wisent

x -   axenic   axites   exacts   sextan   taxies   xenias

y -   encyst   nicety   sanity   satiny   scanty   yentas

z -   azines   zanies   zeatin

5 letters

a -   aceta   acnes   actin   aecia   anise   ansae   antae   antas   antes   antic   antis   cains   canes   canst   cants   caste   cates   cesta   enact   entia   etnas   nates   neats   saice   saint   satin   scant   scena   stain   stane   taces   tains   tenia   tinea

b -   abets   baits   banes   basic   basin   baste   bates   beans   beast   beats   bents   betas   bices   bines   bints   bites   cabin   ceiba   nabes   nabis   sabin   tabes

c -   acnes   actin   antic   cacti   cains   canes   canst   cants   caste   cates   cents   cesta   cesti   cines   cites   enact   saice   scant   scena   scent   since   taces

d -   acids   acned   acted   adits   aides   anted   asdic   aside   cades   cadet   cadis   caids   caned   canid   cased   cedis   cited   daces   dance   dates   deans   deist   dents   dices   dicta   diets   dines   dints   ditas   dites   edict   edits   ideas   nicad   nides   saned   sated   scend   sedan   sited   snide   stade   staid   stand   stead   stied   teind   tends   tides   tined   tsade   tsadi

e -   acnes   anise   antes   canes   caste   cates   cease   cense   cents   cesta   cesti   cetes   cines   cites   eaten   enact   enate   entia   etnas   inset   nates   neats   neist   niece   nites   saice   scena   scene   scent   seine   sente   senti   setae   since   stane   stein   taces   tease   teens   tenia   tense   tinea   tines

f -   cafes   faces   facet   facts   faint   fanes   fates   feast   feats   feint   feist   fetas   fiats   fices   fines   naifs   neifs

g -   acing   aegis   agent   agist   angst   cages   gains   gaits   gates   genic   gents   getas   giant   gnats   segni   sengi   singe   stage   staig   stang   sting   tangs   tinge   tings

h -   aches   aitch   ashen   chain   chant   chase   chats   cheat   chest   chias   china   chine   chins   chits   ethic   haets   hance   hanse   hants   haste   hates   heats   heist   hents   hints   natch   neath   niche   saith   shent   shine   snath   stich   tache   tachs   teach   tench   thane   theca   thein   thens   thine   thins

i -   acini   actin   anise   antic   antis   cains   cesti   cines   cites   entia   inset   intis   neist   nisei   nites   saice   saint   satin   senti   since   stain   stein   tains   tenia   tinea   tines

j -   janes   jeans   tajes

k -   cakes   ikats   kains   kanes   kinas   kines   kites   knits   necks   nicks   skate   skean   skein   skint   skite   snack   snake   sneak   sneck   snick   stack   stake   stank   steak   stick   stink   tacks   taken   takes   takin   tanks   teaks   ticks   tikes

l -   aisle   alecs   alien   aline   alist   anile   anils   ceils   celts   clans   clast   clean   cleat   cline   clits   eclat   elain   elans   elint   ileac   inlet   islet   istle   laces   laics   lance   lanes   laten   leans   leant   least   lenis   liane   liens   linac   lines   lints   litas   nails   salic   scale   setal   slain   slant   slate   slice   snail   stale   steal   stela   stile   taels   tails   talcs   tales   teals   telia   telic   tesla   tical   tiles

m -   acmes   amens   ament   amice   amies   amine   amins   amnic   anime   cames   emits   items   maces   mains   maist   manes   manic   manse   mates   matin   means   meant   meats   mensa   menta   mesic   metis   micas   miens   minae   minas   mince   mines   mints   mites   names   nemas   satem   smite   steam   stime   tames   tamis   teams   times

n -   acnes   actin   anent   anise   antes   antic   antis   cains   canes   canst   cants   cents   cines   enact   entia   etnas   inane   inset   nance   nates   neats   neist   nines   nites   saint   satin   scant   scena   scent   senna   senti   since   stain   stane   stein   tains   tenia   tinea   tines

o -   aeons   ascot   atone   canoe   canso   canto   cento   cions   coast   coati   coats   coins   cones   conte   coset   cosie   costa   cotan   cotes   eosin   escot   icons   iotas   noise   notes   oaten   ocean   octan   onces   onset   ontic   ostia   santo   scion   scone   seton   sonic   steno   stoae   stoai   stoic   stone   tacos   toeas   tones   tonic

p -   aspen   aspic   capes   epact   epics   inapt   inept   napes   neaps   nipas   paces   pacts   pains   paint   paise   panes   panic   pants   paste   paten   pates   patin   peans   peats   pecan   peins   penis   pians   picas   pieta   pinas   pines   pinta   pints   piste   pitas   scape   sepia   sepic   septa   sneap   snipe   space   spait   spate   spean   spent   spica   spice   spine   spite   stipe   tapes   tapis   tepas

r -   acres   airns   airts   antre   areic   arise   aster   astir   cairn   caner   cares   caret   carns   carse   carte   carts   cater   ceria   cires   citer   crane   crate   crest   cries   earns   erica   escar   inert   inter   irate   nacre   narcs   nares   naric   naris   nears   nerts   nicer   niter   nitre   races   rains   raise   rance   ranis   rants   rates   react   recta   recti   reins   rents   resin   retia   riant   rices   rinse   risen   rites   saner   sarin   scare   scart   serac   serai   serin   siren   sitar   snare   stair   stare   stern   stria   tares   tarns   tarsi   tears   terai   terns   tiers   tires   trace   train   trans   triac   trice   tries   trine

s -   acnes   anise   antes   antis   asset   cains   canes   canst   cants   cases   caste   casts   cates   cents   cesta   cesti   cines   cists   cites   easts   etnas   inset   nates   neats   neist   nests   nites   saice   sains   saint   sanes   sasin   sates   satin   satis   scans   scant   scats   scena   scent   seats   sects   sensa   senti   sices   since   sines   sites   snits   stain   stane   stein   sties   taces   tains   tasse   tines

t -   actin   antes   antic   antis   attic   canst   cants   caste   cates   cents   cesta   cesti   cites   enact   entia   etnas   inset   nates   neats   neist   netts   nites   saint   satin   scant   scatt   scent   senti   stain   stane   state   stein   stint   taces   tacet   tacit   tacts   tains   taint   taste   tates   teats   tecta   tenia   tents   testa   tinct   tinea   tines   tints   titan

u -   acute   aunts   cause   centu   cunts   cutes   cutie   cutin   cutis   etuis   ictus   incus   sauce   saute   scuta   scute   suint   suite   tunas   tunes   tunic   unais   uncia   unite   units   unset   untie   usnea

v -   avens   caves   cavie   civet   evict   naevi   naive   naves   savin   stave   vanes   vatic   veins   vents   vesta   vices   vinas   vinca   vines   vista   vitae

w -   newts   sewan   sinew   swain   sweat   swine   tawie   tawse   twaes   twain   twice   twine   twins   wains   waist   waits   wanes   wants   waste   weans   wince   wines   witan   wites

x -   axite   exact   exist   exits   nixes   sixte   taxes   taxis   texas   xenia   xenic

y -   antsy   ayins   canty   cyans   nasty   tansy   tynes   yeans   yeast   yenta   yetis   yince

z -   azine   nazis   zeins   zetas   zincs

4 letters

a -   aces   acne   acta   acts   ains   aits   anas   anes   anis   ansa   anta   ante   anti   ants   asci   asea   ates   cain   cane   cans   cant   casa   case   cast   cate   cats   east   eats   etas   etna   neat   sain   sane   sate   sati   scan   scat   seat   seta   tace   tain   tans   teas

b -   abet   bait   bane   bani   bans   base   bast   bate   bats   bean   beat   bens   bent   best   beta   bets   bias   bice   bine   bins   bint   bise   bite   bits   cabs   isba   nabe   nabs   nebs   nibs   sabe   scab   snib   stab   tabs

c -   aces   acne   acts   asci   cain   cane   cans   cant   case   cast   cate   cats   ceca   cent   cine   cist   cite   etic   ices   nice   scan   scat   sect   sice   tace   tics

d -   aced   acid   adit   aide   aids   ands   cade   cadi   cads   caid   cedi   dace   dais   date   dean   deni   dens   dent   dice   dies   diet   dine   dins   dint   disc   dita   dite   dits   edit   ends   iced   idea   ides   nide   sade   sadi   said   sand   scad   send   side   sned   tads   teds   tend   tide   tied

e -   aces   acne   anes   ante   ates   cane   case   cate   cees   cent   cete   cine   cite   ease   east   eats   etas   etic   etna   ices   neat   nest   nets   nice   nite   sane   sate   seat   sect   seen   sene   sent   seta   sice   sine   site   tace   teas   teen   tees   tens   ties   tine

f -   cafe   efts   face   fact   fain   fane   fans   fast   fate   fats   feat   fens   feta   fets   fiat   fice   fine   fins   fisc   fist   fits   naif   neif   safe   seif   sift

g -   ages   agin   cage   cigs   egis   engs   gaen   gaes   gain   gait   gane   gast   gate   gats   gens   gent   gest   geta   gets   gien   gies   gins   gist   gits   gnat   nags   sage   sang   scag   sign   sing   snag   stag   tags   tang   tegs   ting

h -   ache   cash   chat   chia   chin   chis   chit   each   eath   etch   eths   haen   haes   haet   hant   hast   hate   hats   heat   hens   hent   hest   hets   hies   hins   hint   hisn   hist   hits   ichs   inch   itch   shat   shea   shin   shit   sinh   sith   tach   thae   than   then   thin   this

i -   ains   aits   anis   anti   asci   cain   cine   cist   cite   etic   ices   inia   inti   nice   nisi   nite   nits   sain   sati   sice   sine   site   snit   tain   tics   ties   tine   tins

j -   jane   jean   jest   jets   jins

k -   akin   cake   cask   ikat   inks   kaes   kain   kane   kats   keas   kens   kent   kina   kine   kins   kist   kite   kits   knit   neck   nick   sack   sake   saki   sank   sick   sike   sink   skat   skin   skit   tack   take   tank   task   teak   tick   tike

l -   ails   alec   ales   alit   alts   anil   ceil   cels   celt   clan   clit   elan   ilea   isle   lace   lacs   laic   lain   lane   lase   last   late   lati   lats   lean   leas   leis   lens   lent   lest   lets   lice   lien   lies   line   lins   lint   list   lite   lits   nail   nils   sail   sale   salt   seal   sial   silt   slat   slit   tael   tail   talc   tale   tali   teal   tela   tels   tile   tils

m -   acme   aims   amen   amie   amin   amis   came   cams   emic   emit   item   mace   macs   maes   main   mane   mans   mast   mate   mats   mean   meat   mesa   meta   mica   mice   mien   mina   mine   mint   mise   mist   mite   name   nema   nims   same   scam   seam   semi   sima   smit   stem   tame   tams   team   time

n -   acne   ains   anes   anis   ante   anti   ants   cain   cane   cans   cant   cent   cine   etna   inns   nans   neat   nest   nets   nice   nine   nite   nits   sain   sane   scan   sent   sine   snit   tain   tans   tens   tine   tins

o -   aeon   ciao   cion   coat   coin   cone   coni   cons   cost   cote   cots   eons   icon   into   ions   iota   naoi   naos   noes   nose   nota   note   oast   oats   ocas   once   ones   otic   scot   snot   sone   stoa   taco   taos   toea   toes   tone   tons

p -   apes   apse   cape   caps   ceps   epic   nape   naps   neap   nipa   nips   pace   pacs   pact   pain   pane   pans   pant   pase   past   pate   pats   pean   peas   peat   pecs   pein   pens   pent   pest   pets   pian   pias   pica   pice   pics   pies   pina   pine   pins   pint   pita   pits   sept   sipe   snap   snip   spae   span   spat   spec   spic   spin   spit   step   tape   taps   tepa   tips

q -   qats

r -   acre   airn   airs   airt   arcs   ares   arse   arts   care   carn   cars   cart   cire   cris   earn   ears   eras   erns   erst   ires   narc   near   race   rain   rani   rant   rase   rate   rats   recs   rein   reis   rent   rest   rets   rias   rice   rins   rise   rite   sari   scar   sear   sera   sire   star   stir   tare   tarn   tars   tear   tern   tier   tire   tsar

s -   aces   acts   ains   aits   anes   anis   ants   asci   ates   cans   case   cast   cats   cess   cist   east   eats   etas   ices   ness   nest   nets   nits   sacs   sain   sane   sans   sate   sati   scan   scat   seas   seat   secs   sect   seis   sent   seta   sets   sice   sics   sine   sins   site   sits   snit   tans   tass   teas   tens   tics   ties   tins

t -   acts   aits   ante   anti   ants   ates   cant   cast   cate   cats   cent   cist   cite   east   eats   etas   etic   etna   neat   nest   nets   nett   nite   nits   sate   sati   scat   seat   sect   sent   seta   sett   site   snit   stat   stet   tace   tact   tain   tans   tate   tats   teas   teat   tens   tent   test   tets   tics   ties   tine   tins   tint   tits

u -   anus   aunt   cues   cunt   cute   cuts   ecus   etui   nuts   scut   stun   suet   suit   taus   tuis   tuna   tune   tuns   unai   unci   unit   utas

v -   aves   cave   nave   nevi   save   tavs   vacs   vain   vane   vans   vase   vast   vats   vein   vena   vent   vest   vets   vice   vies   vina   vine   visa   vise   vita

w -   anew   awes   awns   caws   news   newt   sawn   sewn   snaw   staw   stew   swan   swat   taws   tews   twae   twas   twin   waes   wain   wait   wane   wans   want   wast   wats   wean   wens   went   west   wets   wine   wins   wise   wist   wite   wits

x -   axes   axis   exit   next   nixe   sext   taxi

y -   ayes   ayin   cays   city   cyan   cyst   easy   eyas   nays   snye   stay   stey   stye   syce   sync   syne   tiny   tyes   tyin   tyne   yean   yeas   yens   yeti   yins

z -   nazi   size   zein   zest   zeta   zinc   zins   zits

3 letters

a -   aas   ace   act   ain   ais   ait   ana   ane   ani   ant   ate   can   cat   eat   eta   nae   sac   sae   sat   sea   tae   tan   tas   tea

b -   abs   ban   bas   bat   ben   bet   bin   bis   bit   cab   nab   neb   nib   sab   sib   tab

c -   ace   act   can   cat   cis   ice   sac   sec   sic   tic

d -   ads   aid   and   cad   den   die   din   dis   dit   eds   end   ids   sad   tad   ted

e -   ace   ane   ate   cee   eat   ens   eta   ice   nae   nee   net   sae   sea   sec   see   sei   sen   set   tae   tea   tee   ten   tie

f -   aft   efs   eft   fan   fas   fat   fen   fet   fie   fin   fit   ifs

g -   age   cig   eng   gae   gan   gas   gat   gen   get   gie   gin   git   nag   sag   seg   tag   teg

h -   ash   chi   eth   hae   has   hat   hen   hes   het   hic   hie   hin   his   hit   ich   nah   nth   sha   she   the

i -   ain   ais   ait   ani   cis   ice   ins   its   nit   sei   sic   sin   sit   tic   tie   tin   tis

j -   jet   jin   taj

k -   ask   ick   ink   kae   kas   kat   kea   ken   kin   kit   ska   ski   tsk

l -   ail   ale   als   alt   cel   els   lac   las   lat   lea   lei   let   lie   lin   lis   lit   nil   sal   sel   tel   til

m -   aim   ami   cam   ems   ism   mac   mae   man   mas   mat   men   met   mis   nam   nim   sim   tam

n -   ain   ane   ani   ant   can   ens   inn   ins   nae   nan   net   nit   sen   sin   tan   ten   tin

o -   con   cos   cot   eon   ion   nos   not   oat   oca   oes   one   ons   ose   son   sot   tao   toe   ton

p -   ape   apt   asp   cap   cep   nap   nip   pac   pan   pas   pat   pea   pec   pen   pes   pet   pia   pic   pie   pin   pis   pit   psi   sap   sip   spa   tap   tip

q -   qat

r -   air   arc   are   ars   art   car   ear   era   ern   ers   ire   ran   ras   rat   rec   rei   res   ret   ria   rin   ser   sir   sri   tar

s -   ais   ass   cis   ens   ess   ins   its   sac   sae   sat   sea   sec   sei   sen   set   sic   sin   sis   sit   tas   tis

t -   act   ait   ant   ate   att   cat   eat   eta   its   net   nit   sat   set   sit   tae   tan   tas   tat   tea   ten   tet   tic   tie   tin   tis   tit

u -   cue   cut   eau   ecu   nus   nut   sau   sue   sun   tau   tui   tun   uns   use   uta   uts

v -   ave   tav   vac   van   vas   vat   vet   via   vie   vis

w -   awe   awn   caw   naw   new   saw   sew   taw   tew   twa   wae   wan   was   wat   wen   wet   win   wis   wit

x -   axe   nix   sax   sex   six   tax   xis

y -   any   aye   ays   cay   icy   nay   say   sty   syn   tye   yea   yen   yes   yet   yin

z -   zin   zit

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