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Words formed from any letters in cimices, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

h -   ischemic

7 letters

c -   cimices

e -   cimices

h -   chemics

i -   cimices

l -   cilices   icicles

m -   cimices

n -   menisci

s -   cimices   seismic

t -   miscite   smectic

6 letters

a -   amices   camise   caseic   meccas

b -   ibices

d -   imides   medics   sicced

h -   chemic   chimes   miches

k -   sickie

l -   cilice   climes   icicle   mislie   simile

m -   immies   mimics

n -   imines   incise   minces   scenic

o -   comics   cosmic

r -   cercis   crimes   crisic

t -   cities   iciest

u -   cesium   miscue

v -   civics   civies   civism

5 letters

a -   acmes   acmic   amice   amici   amies   cames   maces   mecca   micas   saice

b -   bices

c -   mesic

d -   cedis   deism   dices   dimes   disci   disme   imide   imids   medic   medii   midis

e -   mesic

f -   fices

h -   chics   chime   hemic   miche

i -   mesic

k -   micks   mikes

l -   ceils   clime   limes   melic   miles   slice   slime   smile

m -   mesic   mimes   mimic

n -   cines   imine   miens   mince   mines   minis   nisei   since

o -   cisco   comes   comic   cosec   cosie   osmic   secco

p -   epics   impis   sepic   spice

r -   cerci   ceric   cires   cries   crime   emirs   icier   mires   miser   rices   rimes   scrim

s -   issei   mesic   mises   seism   semis   sices

t -   cesti   cites   emits   ictic   items   metis   mites   mitis   smite   stime   times

u -   cecum   cusec   music

v -   civic   civie   ivies   vices

x -   cimex   mixes

y -   cymes

4 letters

a -   aces   acme   aims   amie   amis   asci   came   cams   case   ceca   mace   macs   maes   mesa   mica   same   scam   seam   sima

b -   bice   bise   ibis   mibs

c -   emic   ices   mice   sice

d -   cedi   dice   dies   dime   dims   disc   iced   idem   ides   imid   midi   mids   side

e -   cees   emes   emic   ices   mice   mise   seem   seme   semi   sice

f -   emfs   fems   fice   fisc   seif

g -   cigs   egis   gems   gies   megs   migs

h -   chic   chis   hems   hies   ichs   mesh   shim

i -   emic   ices   mice   mise   semi   sice

j -   jism

k -   mick   mike   sick   sike   skim

l -   ceil   cels   elms   isle   leis   lice   lies   lime   mels   mile   mils   slim

m -   emic   mems   mice   mime   mise   semi

n -   cine   mien   mine   mini   nice   nims   nisi   sine

o -   come   miso   mocs   some

p -   ceps   epic   impi   imps   pecs   pice   pics   pies   simp   sipe   spec   spic

r -   cire   cris   emir   ires   iris   mire   miri   mirs   recs   reis   rems   rice   rime   rims   rise   sire

s -   cess   ices   isms   mess   mise   miss   secs   seis   semi   sice   sics   sims

t -   cist   cite   emit   etic   item   mist   mite   sect   site   smit   stem   tics   ties   time

u -   cues   ecus   emus   muse   scum

v -   vice   vies   vims   vise

w -   cwms   iwis   mews   smew   swim   wise

y -   cyme   syce

z -   size

3 letters

a -   ace   aim   ais   ami   cam   mac   mae   mas   sac   sae   sea

b -   bis   mib   sib

c -   cis   ice   sec   sic

d -   die   dim   dis   eds   ids   med   mid

e -   cee   eme   ems   ice   sec   see   sei

f -   efs   emf   fem   fie   ifs

g -   cig   gem   gie   meg   mig   seg

h -   chi   hem   hes   hic   hie   him   his   ich   she

i -   cis   ice   ism   mis   sei   sic   sim

k -   ick   ski

l -   cel   elm   els   lei   lie   lis   mel   mil   sel

m -   ems   ism   mem   mim   mis   sim

n -   ens   ins   men   nim   sen   sin

o -   cos   moc   mos   oes   oms   ose   som

p -   cep   imp   pec   pes   pic   pie   pis   psi   sip

r -   ers   ire   mir   rec   rei   rem   res   rim   ser   sir   sri

s -   cis   ems   ess   ism   mis   sec   sei   sic   sim   sis

t -   its   met   set   sit   tic   tie   tis

u -   cue   cum   ecu   emu   mus   sue   sum   use

v -   vie   vim   vis

w -   cwm   mew   sew   wis

x -   mix   sex   six   xis

y -   icy   yes

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