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Words formed from any letters in cham, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

e -   mache

o -   macho   mocha

p -   champ

r -   charm   march

s -   chams   chasm   machs

t -   match

4 letters

a -   amah   cham   mach

b -   bach

c -   cham   mach

d -   chad

e -   ache   acme   ahem   came   each   haem   hame   mace

h -   cham   mach

i -   chia   mica

k -   hack   mack

l -   calm   clam   halm

m -   cham   mach

o -   chao   coma

p -   camp   caph   chap

r -   arch   char   cram   harm   marc

s -   cams   cash   hams   macs   mash   scam   sham

t -   chat   math   tach

u -   chum   much

w -   chaw   wham

y -   achy   chay   cyma

3 letters

a -   aah   aha   ama   cam   ham   mac

b -   bah   bam   cab

c -   cam   mac

d -   cad   dah   dam   had   mad

e -   ace   hae   hem   mae

g -   gam   hag   mag

h -   hah   ham

i -   aim   ami   chi   hic   him   ich

j -   haj   jam

l -   lac   lam

m -   cam   ham   hmm   mac

n -   can   man   nah   nam

o -   hao   mho   moa   moc   oca   ohm

p -   amp   cap   hap   map   pac   pah   pam

r -   arc   arm   car   mar   rah   ram

s -   ash   has   mas   sac   sha

t -   act   cat   hat   mat   tam

u -   amu   cum   hum

v -   vac

w -   caw   cwm   haw   maw   wha

x -   max

y -   cay   hay   may   yah   yam

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