More Words

Words formed from any letters in ceasing, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

e -   agencies

m -   magnesic

n -   encasing

o -   coinages

p -   escaping

r -   creasing

s -   caginess

7 letters

a -   ceasing   incages

b -   sabeing

c -   ceasing   incages

d -   candies   incaged   incased

e -   ceasing   encages   incages

f -   facings   fancies   fascine   feasing   fiances

g -   ageings   ceasing   incages   signage

h -   cashing   chaines   changes   chasing

i -   ceasing   incages

k -   casking   sacking   sinkage

l -   angelic   anglice   galenic   glances   inlaces   lacings   leasing   linages   sanicle   scaleni   scaling   sealing

m -   amnesic   cinemas   enigmas   gamines   seaming

n -   canines   ceasing   censing   encinas   incages   nancies

o -   acinose   agonies   agonise   cognise   coignes   coinage

p -   inscape   peacing   scaping   spacing   spaeing   spinage

r -   anergic   arcsine   arsenic   carnies   cringes   earings   erasing   gainers   racings   reagins   regains   reginas   sacring   scaring   searing   seringa

s -   caseins   casings   ceasing   cessing   incages   incases

t -   acetins   actings   cagiest   casting   cineast   easting   eatings   ingates   ingesta   seating   teasing

u -   cangues   causing   guineas   saucing   uncages

v -   cavings

y -   gynecia

z -   agnizes

6 letters

a -   casein   casing   easing   incage   incase

b -   basing   begins   beings   binges   cabins   ceibas   gabies   sabine

c -   caseic   casein   casing   incage   incase   scenic   siccan

d -   ascend   cadges   canids   ceding   dances   deigns   design   dinges   gained   nicads   sained   signed   singed

e -   agenes   casein   easing   encage   encase   genies   incage   incase   nieces   seance   seeing   seneca   senega   signee

f -   facies   facing   fagins   feigns   fiance   ganefs

g -   ageing   aggies   agings   caging   casing   easing   gaeing   incage

h -   aching   ashing   chaine   chains   chaise   change   changs   chinas   chines   eching   encash   geisha   haeing   hances   hinges   inches   naches   neighs   niches

i -   anisic   casein   casing   casini   easing   icings   incage   incase   incise

k -   asking   caking   gaskin   kiangs   kinase   sicken

l -   algins   aliens   aligns   alines   angels   angles   clangs   cleans   clines   clings   elains   genial   glaces   glacis   glance   gleans   ingles   inlace   lacing   lances   lasing   lianes   liangs   ligans   ligase   linacs   linage   lingas   saline   signal   silage   silane   single

m -   ageism   amices   amines   anemic   animes   camise   cinema   enigma   gamine   gamins   gasmen   iceman   images   inseam   macing   magics   manges   manics   mesian   minces   semina

n -   canine   caning   cannie   casein   casing   easing   encina   ensign   inanes   incage   incase   insane   nances   saning   sienna

o -   aeonic   agones   agonic   canoes   casino   coigne   coigns   congas   conges   conies   cosign   cosine   gascon   genoas   icones   incogs   oceans   oscine   socage   soigne

p -   apices   apneic   genips   pacing   panics   pecans   spicae

r -   angers   arcing   arisen   arsine   cagers   cagier   cairns   caners   caries   caring   carnie   casern   cerias   cering   cigars   cranes   cringe   earing   ericas   gainer   graces   grains   nacres   racing   rances   ranges   rasing   reagin   regain   regina   reigns   renigs   resign   sagier   sanger   sering   signer   singer

s -   anises   assign   casein   casing   easing   gneiss   incase   saices   sanies   sansei   scenas   singes

t -   acetin   acting   actins   ageist   agents   antics   ascent   centai   centas   eating   enacts   enatic   gainst   gestic   giants   incest   ingate   ingest   insect   nastic   nicest   sating   secant   signet   stance   tenias   tineas   tinges   tisane

u -   acinus   cangue   cueing   genius   guinea   incuse   uncage   uncase   unciae   usance

v -   cavies   caving   ganevs   givens   naives   navies   savine   saving   vegans   vesica   vincas   visage

w -   aweing   cawing   gawsie   sawing   sewing   swinge   wigans   winces

x -   axenic   sexing   xenias

y -   agency   saying

z -   agnize   azines   zanies

5 letters

a -   acing   acnes   aecia   aegis   again   angas   anise   ansae   cages   cains   canes   gains   saice   saiga   sanga   scena

b -   banes   bangs   basic   basin   beans   began   begin   being   bices   bines   binge   cabin   ceiba   gibes   nabes   nabis   sabin

c -   acing   acnes   cages   cains   canes   cines   genic   saice   scena   since

d -   acids   acned   aides   asdic   aside   cades   cadge   cadis   caged   caids   caned   canid   cased   cedis   daces   dance   dangs   deans   degas   deign   dices   dines   dinge   dings   egads   gadis   ideas   nicad   nides   saned   scend   sedan   snide

e -   acnes   aegis   agene   anise   cages   canes   cease   cense   cines   genes   genic   genie   niece   saice   scena   scene   segni   seine   sengi   siege   since   singe

f -   cafes   faces   fagin   fanes   fangs   feign   fices   fines   ganef   naifs   neifs

g -   acing   aegis   aggie   aging   cages   gages   gains   gangs   genic   gigas   segni   sengi   singe

h -   aches   ashen   chain   chang   chase   chias   china   chine   chins   gnash   hance   hangs   hanse   hinge   neigh   niche   nighs   sangh   shine

i -   acing   acini   aegis   anise   cains   cines   gains   genic   genii   icing   nisei   saice   segni   sengi   since   singe

j -   janes   jeans

k -   cakes   eking   gecks   ginks   kains   kanes   kiang   kinas   kines   kings   necks   nicks   skean   skein   snack   snake   sneak   sneck   snick

l -   agile   aisle   alecs   algin   alien   align   aline   angel   angle   anile   anils   ceils   clags   clang   clans   clean   cline   cling   elain   elans   gales   glace   glans   glean   glens   glias   ileac   ingle   laces   laics   lance   lanes   leans   lenis   liane   liang   liens   ligan   linac   lines   linga   lings   nails   salic   scale   slain   slang   slice   sling   snail

m -   acmes   agism   amens   amice   amies   amine   amins   amnic   anime   cames   games   gamic   gamin   image   maces   mages   magic   mains   manes   mange   manic   manse   means   mensa   mesic   micas   miens   minae   minas   mince   mines   names   nemas   sigma

n -   acing   acnes   anise   cains   canes   cines   gains   genic   inane   nance   nines   scena   segni   sengi   senna   since   singe

o -   aeons   agios   agone   agons   canoe   canso   cions   coign   coins   cones   conga   conge   cosie   eosin   genoa   gonia   icons   incog   noise   ocean   onces   scion   scone   segno   sonic

p -   aping   aspen   aspic   capes   epics   gapes   genip   napes   neaps   nipas   paces   pages   pains   paise   panes   pangs   panic   peags   peans   pecan   peins   penis   pians   picas   pinas   pines   pings   scape   sepia   sepic   sneap   snipe   space   spang   spean   spica   spice   spine

r -   acres   agers   airns   anger   areic   arise   cager   cairn   caner   cares   carns   carse   ceria   cigar   cires   crags   crane   cries   earns   erica   escar   garni   gears   girns   gnars   grace   grain   grans   grins   nacre   narcs   nares   naric   naris   nears   nicer   races   rages   ragis   rains   raise   rance   range   ranis   regna   reign   reins   renig   resin   rices   rings   rinse   risen   sager   saner   sarge   sarin   scare   scrag   serac   serai   serin   siren   snare

s -   acnes   aegis   anise   cages   cains   canes   cases   cines   gains   gases   sages   saice   sains   sanes   sasin   scags   scans   scena   segni   sengi   sensa   sices   signs   since   sines   singe   sings   snags

t -   actin   agent   agist   angst   antes   antic   antis   canst   cants   caste   cates   cents   cesta   cesti   cites   enact   entia   etnas   gaits   gates   gents   getas   giant   gnats   inset   nates   neats   neist   nites   saint   satin   scant   scent   senti   stage   staig   stain   stane   stang   stein   sting   taces   tains   tangs   tenia   tinea   tines   tinge   tings

u -   agues   cause   cuing   genua   genus   guans   guise   incus   negus   sauce   suing   unais   uncia   usage   using   usnea

v -   avens   caves   cavie   ganev   given   gives   naevi   naive   naves   savin   vanes   vangs   vegan   veins   vices   vigas   vinas   vinca   vines

w -   awing   gnaws   sewan   sinew   swage   swain   swang   swine   swing   wages   wains   wanes   weans   wigan   wince   wines   wings

x -   axing   nixes   xenia   xenic

y -   ayins   cagey   cyans   eying   yagis   yangs   yeans   yince

z -   azine   gazes   nazis   zeins   zincs   zings

4 letters

a -   aces   acne   agas   ages   agin   ains   anas   anes   anga   anis   ansa   asci   asea   cage   cain   cane   cans   casa   case   gaen   gaes   gain   gane   nags   saga   sage   sain   sane   sang   scag   scan   snag

b -   bags   bane   bang   bani   bans   base   bean   begs   bens   bias   bice   bigs   bine   bins   bise   cabs   gabs   gibe   gibs   isba   nabe   nabs   nebs   nibs   sabe   scab   snib

c -   aces   acne   asci   cage   cain   cane   cans   case   ceca   cigs   cine   ices   nice   scag   scan   sice

d -   aced   acid   aged   aide   aids   ands   cade   cadi   cads   caid   cedi   dace   dags   dais   dang   dean   deni   dens   dice   dies   digs   dine   ding   dins   disc   egad   ends   gadi   gads   gaed   geds   gids   gied   iced   idea   ides   nide   sade   sadi   said   sand   scad   send   side   sned

e -   aces   acne   agee   ages   anes   cage   cane   case   cees   cine   ease   egis   engs   gaen   gaes   gane   gees   gene   gens   gien   gies   ices   nice   sage   sane   seen   sene   sice   sine

f -   cafe   face   fags   fain   fane   fang   fans   fens   fice   figs   fine   fins   fisc   naif   neif   safe   seif

g -   ages   agin   cage   cigs   eggs   egis   engs   gaen   gaes   gage   gags   gain   gane   gang   gens   gien   gies   giga   gigs   gins   nags   sage   sang   scag   sign   sing   snag

h -   ache   cash   chia   chin   chis   each   gash   ghis   haen   haes   hags   hang   hens   hies   hins   hisn   ichs   inch   nigh   shag   shea   shin   sigh   sinh

i -   agin   ains   anis   asci   cain   cigs   cine   egis   gain   gien   gies   gins   ices   inia   nice   nisi   sain   sice   sign   sine   sing

j -   jags   jane   jean   jigs   jins

k -   akin   cake   cask   geck   gink   inks   kaes   kain   kane   keas   kegs   kens   kina   kine   king   kins   neck   nick   sack   sake   saki   sank   sick   sike   sink   skag   skeg   skin

l -   ails   alec   ales   anil   ceil   cels   clag   clan   egal   elan   gale   gals   gels   glen   glia   ilea   isle   lace   lacs   lags   laic   lain   lane   lang   lase   lean   leas   legs   leis   lens   lice   lien   lies   line   ling   lins   nail   nils   sail   sale   seal   sial   slag

m -   acme   aims   amen   amie   amin   amis   came   cams   emic   game   gams   gems   mace   macs   maes   mage   magi   mags   main   mane   mans   mean   megs   mesa   mica   mice   mien   migs   mina   mine   mise   name   nema   nims   same   scam   seam   semi   sima

n -   acne   agin   ains   anes   anis   cain   cane   cans   cine   engs   gaen   gain   gane   gens   gien   gins   inns   nags   nans   nice   nine   sain   sane   sang   scan   sign   sine   sing   snag

o -   aeon   agio   agon   ciao   cion   cogs   coin   cone   coni   cons   egos   eons   goas   goes   gone   icon   ions   naoi   naos   noes   nogs   nose   ocas   once   ones   sago   sego   snog   sone   song

p -   apes   apse   cape   caps   ceps   epic   gape   gaps   gasp   gips   nape   naps   neap   nipa   nips   pace   pacs   page   pain   pane   pang   pans   pase   peag   pean   peas   pecs   pegs   pein   pens   pian   pias   pica   pice   pics   pies   pigs   pina   pine   ping   pins   sipe   snap   snip   spae   span   spec   spic   spin

r -   acre   ager   airn   airs   arcs   ares   arse   care   carn   cars   cire   crag   cris   earn   ears   eras   ergs   erns   gars   gear   girn   gnar   gran   grin   ires   narc   near   race   rage   ragi   rags   rain   rang   rani   rase   recs   regs   rein   reis   rias   rice   rigs   ring   rins   rise   sari   scar   sear   sera   sire

s -   aces   ages   ains   anes   anis   asci   cans   case   cess   cigs   egis   engs   gaes   gens   gies   gins   ices   nags   ness   sacs   sage   sags   sain   sane   sang   sans   scag   scan   seas   secs   segs   seis   sice   sics   sign   sine   sing   sins   snag

t -   acts   aits   ante   anti   ants   ates   cant   cast   cate   cats   cent   cist   cite   east   eats   etas   etic   etna   gait   gast   gate   gats   gent   gest   geta   gets   gist   gits   gnat   neat   nest   nets   nite   nits   sate   sati   scat   seat   sect   sent   seta   site   snit   stag   tace   tags   tain   tang   tans   teas   tegs   tens   tics   ties   tine   ting   tins

u -   ague   anus   cues   ecus   gaun   genu   gnus   guan   guns   snug   sung   unai   unci

v -   aves   cave   gave   give   nave   nevi   save   vacs   vagi   vain   vane   vang   vans   vase   vein   vena   vice   vies   viga   vigs   vina   vine   visa   vise

w -   anew   awes   awns   caws   gnaw   news   sawn   sewn   snaw   swag   swan   swig   waes   wage   wags   wain   wane   wans   wean   wens   wigs   wine   wing   wins   wise

x -   axes   axis   nixe

y -   ayes   ayin   cagy   cays   cyan   easy   eyas   gays   nays   sagy   snye   syce   sync   syne   yagi   yang   yean   yeas   yens   yins

z -   gaze   nazi   size   zags   zein   zigs   zinc   zing   zins

3 letters

a -   aas   ace   aga   age   ain   ais   ana   ane   ani   can   gae   gan   gas   nae   nag   sac   sae   sag   sea

b -   abs   bag   ban   bas   beg   ben   big   bin   bis   cab   gab   gib   nab   neb   nib   sab   sib

c -   ace   can   cig   cis   ice   sac   sec   sic

d -   ads   aid   and   cad   dag   den   die   dig   din   dis   eds   end   gad   ged   gid   ids   sad

e -   ace   age   ane   cee   eng   ens   gae   gee   gen   gie   ice   nae   nee   sae   sea   sec   see   seg   sei   sen

f -   efs   fag   fan   fas   fen   fie   fig   fin   ifs

g -   age   cig   egg   eng   gae   gag   gan   gas   gen   gie   gig   gin   nag   sag   seg

h -   ash   chi   ghi   hae   hag   has   hen   hes   hic   hie   hin   his   ich   nah   sha   she

i -   ain   ais   ani   cig   cis   gie   gin   ice   ins   sei   sic   sin

j -   jag   jig   jin

k -   ask   ick   ink   kae   kas   kea   keg   ken   kin   ska   ski

l -   ail   ale   als   cel   els   gal   gel   lac   lag   las   lea   leg   lei   lie   lin   lis   nil   sal   sel

m -   aim   ami   cam   ems   gam   gem   ism   mac   mae   mag   man   mas   meg   men   mig   mis   nam   nim   sim

n -   ain   ane   ani   can   eng   ens   gan   gen   gin   inn   ins   nae   nag   nan   sen   sin

o -   ago   cog   con   cos   ego   eon   goa   gos   ion   nog   nos   oca   oes   one   ons   ose   son

p -   ape   asp   cap   cep   gap   gip   nap   nip   pac   pan   pas   pea   pec   peg   pen   pes   pia   pic   pie   pig   pin   pis   psi   sap   sip   spa

r -   air   arc   are   ars   car   ear   era   erg   ern   ers   gar   ire   rag   ran   ras   rec   reg   rei   res   ria   rig   rin   ser   sir   sri

s -   ais   ass   cis   ens   ess   gas   ins   sac   sae   sag   sea   sec   seg   sei   sen   sic   sin   sis

t -   act   ait   ant   ate   cat   eat   eta   gat   get   git   its   net   nit   sat   set   sit   tae   tag   tan   tas   tea   teg   ten   tic   tie   tin   tis

u -   cue   eau   ecu   gnu   gun   nus   sau   sue   sun   uns   use

v -   ave   vac   van   vas   veg   via   vie   vig   vis

w -   awe   awn   caw   naw   new   saw   sew   wae   wag   wan   was   wen   wig   win   wis

x -   axe   nix   sax   sex   six   xis

y -   any   aye   ays   cay   gay   gey   icy   nay   say   syn   yea   yen   yes   yin

z -   zag   zig   zin

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