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Words formed from any letters in caves, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

i -   cavies   vesica

l -   calves   claves

r -   carves   cavers   craves

5 letters

a -   caves

c -   caves

d -   cades   cased   caved   daces   devas   saved

e -   caves   cease   eaves

f -   cafes   faces   faves

g -   cages

h -   aches   chase   haves   schav   shave

i -   cavie   saice   vices

k -   cakes

l -   alecs   calve   clave   laces   laves   salve   scale   selva   slave   vales   valse   veals

m -   acmes   cames   maces

n -   acnes   avens   canes   naves   scena   vanes

o -   coves   oaves   soave   voces

p -   capes   paces   paves   scape   space

r -   acres   avers   cares   carse   carve   caver   crave   escar   races   raves   saver   scare   serac

s -   cases   caves   saves   vases

t -   caste   cates   cesta   stave   taces   vesta

u -   cause   sauce   suave   uveas

v -   caves

w -   waves

4 letters

a -   aces   asea   aves   casa   case   cave   save   vacs   vasa   vase

b -   base   cabs   sabe   scab

c -   aces   case   cave   ceca   vacs

d -   aced   cade   cads   dace   deva   devs   sade   scad

e -   aces   aves   case   cave   cees   ease   eave   eves   save   vase   vees

f -   cafe   face   fave   safe

g -   ages   cage   gaes   gave   sage   scag

h -   ache   cash   each   haes   have   shea

i -   asci   ices   sice   vice   vies   visa   vise

k -   cake   cask   kaes   keas   kvas   sack   sake

l -   alec   ales   cels   lace   lacs   lase   lave   lavs   leas   leva   sale   seal   vale   veal   vela

m -   acme   came   cams   mace   macs   maes   mesa   same   scam   seam

n -   acne   anes   cane   cans   nave   sane   scan   vane   vans   vena

o -   avos   cove   ocas   voes

p -   apes   apse   cape   caps   ceps   pace   pacs   pase   pave   peas   pecs   spae   spec

r -   acre   arcs   ares   arse   aver   care   cars   ears   eras   race   rase   rave   recs   revs   scar   sear   sera   vars   vera

s -   aces   aves   case   cess   sacs   save   seas   secs   vacs   vase

t -   acts   ates   cast   cate   cats   east   eats   etas   sate   scat   seat   sect   seta   tace   tavs   teas   vast   vats   vest   vets

u -   cues   ecus   uvea   vaus

v -   aves   cave   save   vacs   vase   vavs

w -   awes   caws   vaws   waes   wave

x -   axes

y -   ayes   cavy   cays   easy   eyas   syce   yeas

3 letters

a -   aas   ace   ava   ave   sac   sae   sea   vac   vas

b -   abs   bas   cab   sab

c -   ace   sac   sec   vac

d -   ads   cad   dev   eds   sad

e -   ace   ave   cee   eve   sae   sea   sec   see   vee

f -   efs   fas

g -   age   gae   gas   sag   seg   veg

h -   ash   hae   has   hes   sha   she

i -   ais   cis   ice   sei   sic   via   vie   vis

k -   ask   kae   kas   kea   ska

l -   ale   als   cel   els   lac   las   lav   lea   lev   sal   sel

m -   cam   ems   mac   mae   mas

n -   ane   can   ens   nae   sen   van

o -   avo   cos   oca   oes   ose   ova   voe

p -   ape   asp   cap   cep   pac   pas   pea   pec   pes   sap   spa

r -   arc   are   ars   car   ear   era   ers   ras   rec   res   rev   ser   var

s -   ass   ess   sac   sae   sea   sec   vas

t -   act   ate   cat   eat   eta   sat   set   tae   tas   tav   tea   vat   vet

u -   cue   eau   ecu   sau   sue   use   vau

v -   ave   vac   vas   vav

w -   awe   caw   saw   sew   vaw   wae   was

x -   axe   sax   sex   vex

y -   aye   ays   cay   say   yea   yes

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