More Words

Words formed from any letters in caribes, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

b -   scabbier

c -   breccias

d -   ascribed   carbides

l -   calibers   calibres

n -   brisance   carbines

o -   aerobics

s -   ascribes

w -   crabwise

7 letters

a -   ascribe   caribes

b -   ascribe   bicarbs   cabbies   caribes   rabbies

c -   acerbic   ascribe   breccia   caribes   carices   sebacic

d -   abiders   braised   carbide   darbies   radices   scribed   seabird   sidebar   sidecar

e -   ascribe   caribes

f -   bifaces   fabrics   farcies   fiacres

h -   bearish   birches   braches   cahiers   cashier

i -   ascribe   caribes

k -   backers   bickers

l -   bailers   caliber   calibre   claries   eclairs   scalier   scribal

m -   ambries   cambers   crambes

n -   arcsine   arsenic   carbine   carnies

o -   aerobic   boraces   corbies   isobare   scoriae

p -   scrapie   spacier

r -   ascribe   bracers   brasier   caribes   carries   scarier   scriber

s -   abscise   ascribe   braises   brassie   caribes   scabies   scribes   sebasic

t -   baiters   barites   cristae   raciest   rebaits   stearic   terbias

u -   rubaces   saucier   suberic   subrace

v -   varices   viscera

x -   braxies

z -   braizes   crazies   zebraic

6 letters

a -   abaser   arabic   arecas   braces   braise   cabers   caesar   caribe   caries   ceibas   cerias   ericas   rabies   scarab

b -   babies   barbes   bicarb   braces   braise   bribes   cabbie   cabers   caribe   ceibas   rabbis   rabies   scribe

c -   braces   cabers   caribe   caries   caseic   ceibas   cercis   cerias   ericas   scarce   scribe

d -   abider   abides   aiders   ardebs   bardes   bardic   beards   biased   biders   braced   braids   breads   brides   cadres   cairds   caried   cebids   cedars   ciders   darics   deairs   debars   debris   dicers   disbar   irades   raised   rebids   redias   resaid   sabred   sacred   scared   scried   serdab

e -   aeries   braces   braise   cabers   caribe   caries   ceibas   cerias   cerise   crease   easier   ericas   rabies   rebecs   scribe

f -   biface   briefs   fabric   facers   facies   farces   farcie   ferias   fiacre   fibers   fibres   fraise

g -   barges   cagers   cagier   cigars   gabies   gibers   graces   sagier

h -   achier   arches   ashier   baches   basher   brachs   breach   cahier   chairs   chaise   chares   chaser   eschar   rachis   rehabs   riches   search

i -   braise   caribe   caries   ceibas   cerias   ericas   ibices   rabies   scribe

j -   jibers

k -   backer   bakers   bicker   bikers   brakes   breaks   bricks   cakier   crakes   creaks   ickers   kaiser   kebars   sacker   screak   sicker

l -   abseil   ariels   bailer   balers   birles   blares   blears   brails   brasil   cables   carles   clears   eclair   lacers   lacier   libers   librae   libras   relics   resail   sailer   scaler   sclera   serail   serial   slicer

m -   aimers   ambers   amebic   amices   armies   barmie   breams   camber   camise   crambe   creams   crimes   embars   macers   mbiras   racism   ramies   scream

n -   arisen   arsine   bairns   brains   brines   cabins   cairns   caners   carnie   casein   casern   cranes   incase   nacres   rances   sabine

o -   ariose   carbos   carobs   coarse   cobias   cobras   corbie   cosier   isobar   ribose   scoria   sorbic

p -   apices   aspire   becaps   biceps   capers   capris   crapes   cripes   escarp   pacers   paries   parsec   praise   precis   prices   recaps   scrape   secpar   spacer   spicae   spicer   spirea

r -   airers   barres   bracer   braces   braise   briars   briers   cabers   carers   caribe   caries   cerias   criers   ericas   rabies   racers   racier   raiser   rebars   ricers   scarer   scribe   sierra

s -   arises   basics   biases   birses   braces   braise   cabers   caress   caries   carses   ceibas   cerias   crases   crasis   crises   crissa   ericas   escars   rabies   raises   sabers   sabirs   sabres   saices   scares   scribe   scries   seracs   serais

t -   airest   baiter   barest   barite   baster   bestir   bisect   bister   bistre   biters   bracts   breast   carets   cartes   caster   caters   citers   crates   crista   racist   reacts   rebait   recast   satire   steric   striae   tabers   terais   terbia   terbic   traces   triacs   tribes   trices

u -   abuser   airbus   bruise   buries   bursae   busier   causer   cesura   cruise   cubers   curiae   curies   rubace   rubies   saucer   urbias

v -   aivers   braves   carves   cavers   cavies   craves   scrive   varies   vesica   vicars

w -   brewis

y -   baryes   creasy   scarey   yerbas

z -   baizes   braize   brazes   crazes   zaires   zebras

5 letters

a -   abaci   abase   abris   acari   acerb   acres   aecia   areas   areca   areic   arias   arise   bares   baric   baser   basic   bears   brace   braes   caber   carbs   cares   carse   ceiba   ceria   crabs   erica   escar   rabic   races   raias   raise   saber   sabir   sabra   sabre   sacra   saice   scare   serac   serai

b -   abbes   abris   acerb   babes   barbe   barbs   bares   baric   baser   basic   bears   bices   biers   birse   brace   braes   bribe   bries   caber   carbs   ceiba   crabs   cribs   rabbi   rabic   ribes   saber   sabir   sabre

c -   acerb   acres   areic   baric   basic   bices   brace   caber   carbs   cares   carse   ceiba   cerci   ceria   ceric   circa   cires   crabs   cribs   cries   erica   escar   rabic   races   rices   saice   scare   serac

d -   abide   acids   acred   acrid   aider   aides   aired   arced   ardeb   asdic   aside   barde   bards   bared   based   beads   beard   bider   bides   birds   brads   braid   bread   bride   cades   cadis   cadre   caids   caird   cards   cared   cased   cebid   cedar   cedis   cider   cried   daces   darbs   dares   daric   deair   dears   debar   dicer   dices   drabs   dribs   dries   ideas   irade   rabid   raced   raids   rased   reads   rebid   redia   resid   riced   rides   sabed   sired

e -   acerb   acres   aerie   areic   arise   bares   baser   bears   beers   bices   biers   birse   brace   braes   brees   bries   caber   cares   carse   cease   ceiba   ceres   ceria   cires   cries   erase   erica   escar   races   raise   rebec   ribes   rices   saber   sabre   saice   saree   scare   scree   serac   serai   siree

f -   afire   barfs   brief   cafes   facer   faces   fairs   farce   farci   fares   fears   feria   fiars   fiber   fibre   fices   fires   fries   frise   reifs   safer   scarf   serif

g -   aegis   agers   barge   bergs   brags   brigs   cager   cages   cigar   crags   garbs   gears   giber   gibes   grabs   grace   rages   ragis   sager   sarge   scrag

h -   aches   beach   birch   brach   brash   chair   chare   chars   chase   chias   crash   hairs   hares   hears   heirs   herbs   hires   reach   rehab   rheas   sahib   share   shear   shier   shire

i -   abris   areic   arise   baric   basic   bices   biers   birse   bries   ceiba   ceria   cires   cribs   cries   erica   icier   rabic   raise   ribes   rices   sabir   saice   serai

j -   jiber   jibes   rajes

k -   asker   backs   baker   bakes   barks   beaks   becks   biker   bikes   birks   brake   break   brick   brisk   cakes   carks   crake   creak   eskar   icker   kbars   kebar   keirs   kerbs   kibes   kiers   racks   rakes   rakis   recks   ricks   saker   siker   skier

l -   abler   ables   aisle   alecs   ariel   arils   arles   bails   baler   bales   basil   biles   birle   birls   blare   blase   blear   brail   cable   carle   carls   ceils   clear   earls   ileac   lacer   laces   laics   lairs   lares   laris   laser   lears   liars   liber   libra   liers   liras   rails   rales   reals   relic   rials   riels   riles   sable   salic   scale   seral   slice   slier

m -   acmes   aimer   amber   amice   amies   amirs   barms   beams   bemas   berms   bimas   bream   brims   cames   crams   cream   crime   embar   emirs   iambs   mabes   macer   maces   mairs   marcs   mares   marse   maser   mbira   mesic   micas   micra   mires   miser   ramie   reams   rimes   scram   scrim   simar   smear

n -   acnes   airns   anise   bairn   banes   barns   basin   beans   bines   brain   brans   brens   brine   brins   cabin   cains   cairn   caner   canes   carns   cines   crane   earns   nabes   nabis   nacre   narcs   nares   naric   naris   nears   nicer   rains   rance   ranis   reins   resin   rinse   risen   sabin   saner   sarin   scena   serin   since   siren   snare

o -   arose   boars   boras   bores   boric   brios   brose   carbo   carob   ceros   cobia   cobra   coirs   cores   coria   corse   cosie   obias   ocrea   orcas   osier   robes   score   sober

p -   apers   apres   asper   aspic   becap   caper   capes   carpi   carps   crape   craps   cripe   crisp   epics   pacer   paces   pairs   paise   pares   paris   parse   pears   peris   picas   piers   prase   presa   price   pries   prise   rapes   reaps   recap   ripes   scape   scarp   scrap   scrip   sepia   sepic   space   spare   spear   speir   spica   spice   spier   spire

r -   abris   acerb   acres   airer   areic   arise   arris   barer   bares   baric   barre   baser   bears   biers   birrs   birse   brace   braes   briar   brier   bries   caber   carbs   carer   cares   carrs   carse   ceria   cires   crabs   cribs   crier   cries   erica   escar   rabic   racer   races   raise   rares   raser   rears   rebar   ribes   ricer   rices   riser   saber   sabir   sabre   scare   serac   serai   sirra

s -   abris   acres   arise   arses   arsis   bares   baser   bases   basic   basis   bassi   bears   bices   biers   birse   bises   braes   brass   bries   carbs   cares   carse   cases   cires   crabs   crass   cress   cribs   cries   escar   isbas   races   raise   rases   ribes   rices   rises   saber   sabes   sabir   sabre   saice   saris   scabs   scare   scars   sears   serac   serai   sices   sires

t -   abets   airts   aster   astir   baits   baste   bates   beast   beats   betas   biter   bites   bract   brats   brits   caret   carte   carts   caste   cater   cates   cesta   cesti   citer   cites   crate   crest   irate   rates   react   recta   recti   retia   rites   scart   sitar   stair   stare   stria   taber   tabes   taces   tares   tarsi   tears   terai   tiers   tires   trace   triac   tribe   trice   tries

u -   abuse   arcus   aurei   aures   auric   auris   beaus   buras   bursa   burse   cause   cruse   cuber   cubes   curbs   cures   curia   curie   curse   ecrus   rebus   rubes   sauce   scaur   scrub   scuba   sieur   suber   sucre   uraei   urase   urbia   ureas   ureic   ursae

v -   aiver   avers   brave   bravi   carve   caver   caves   cavie   crave   raves   rives   saver   siver   vairs   verbs   vibes   vicar   vices   viers   vires

w -   braws   brews   craws   crews   resaw   sawer   screw   sewar   sware   swear   wairs   wares   wears   weirs   wires   wiser   wries

x -   carex   raxes   xeric

y -   abyes   barye   brays   byres   eyras   resay   sayer   scary   years   yerba

z -   baize   bizes   braze   craze   czars   izars   razes   sizar   sizer   zaire   zebra

4 letters

a -   abas   abri   aces   acre   airs   arbs   arcs   area   ares   aria   arse   asci   asea   baas   bare   bars   base   bear   bias   brae   bras   cabs   carb   care   cars   casa   case   crab   ears   eras   isba   race   raia   rase   rias   sabe   sari   scab   scar   sear   sera

b -   abbe   abri   arbs   babe   barb   bare   bars   base   bear   bias   bibs   bice   bier   bise   brae   bras   brie   bris   cabs   carb   crab   crib   ebbs   isba   rebs   ribs   sabe   scab   sibb

c -   aces   acre   arcs   asci   bice   cabs   carb   care   cars   case   ceca   cire   crab   crib   cris   ices   race   recs   rice   scab   scar   sice

d -   abed   aced   acid   aide   aids   arid   bade   bads   bard   bead   beds   bide   bids   bird   brad   bred   cade   cadi   cads   caid   card   cedi   dabs   dace   dais   darb   dare   dear   debs   dibs   dice   dies   dire   disc   drab   drib   iced   idea   ides   ired   rads   raid   read   reds   ride   rids   sade   sadi   said   sard   scad   side

e -   aces   acre   ares   arse   bare   base   bear   beer   bees   bice   bier   bise   brae   bree   brie   care   case   cees   cere   cire   ears   ease   eras   ices   ires   race   rase   rebs   recs   rees   reis   rice   rise   sabe   sear   seer   sera   sere   sice   sire

f -   arfs   barf   cafe   face   fair   fare   fear   fiar   fibs   fice   fire   firs   fisc   frae   refs   reif   rife   rifs   safe   seif   serf

g -   ager   ages   bags   begs   berg   bigs   brag   brig   cage   cigs   crag   egis   ergs   gabs   gaes   garb   gars   gear   gibe   gibs   gies   grab   rage   ragi   rags   regs   rigs   sage   scag

h -   ache   arch   bach   bash   cash   char   chia   chis   each   haes   hair   hare   hear   heir   herb   hers   hies   hire   ichs   rash   resh   rhea   rich   shea   shri

i -   abri   airs   asci   bias   bice   bier   bise   brie   bris   cire   crib   cris   ibis   ices   ires   iris   isba   reis   rias   ribs   rice   rise   sari   sice   sire

j -   jabs   jars   jibe   jibs

k -   arks   back   bake   bark   bask   beak   beck   bike   birk   bisk   cake   cark   cask   irks   kabs   kaes   kbar   keas   keir   kerb   kibe   kier   kirs   kris   rack   rake   raki   reck   rick   risk   sack   sake   saki   sark   sick   sike

l -   able   ails   albs   alec   ales   aril   bail   bale   bals   bels   bile   birl   blae   carl   ceil   cels   earl   ilea   isle   labs   lace   lacs   laic   lair   lari   lars   lase   lear   leas   leis   liar   libs   lice   lier   lies   lira   lire   rail   rale   real   rial   riel   rile   sail   sale   seal   sial   slab

m -   acme   aims   amie   amir   amis   arms   bams   barm   beam   bema   berm   bima   brim   came   cams   cram   emic   emir   iamb   mabe   mace   macs   maes   mair   marc   mare   mars   mesa   mibs   mica   mice   mire   mirs   mise   rami   rams   ream   rems   rime   rims   same   scam   seam   semi   sima

n -   acne   ains   airn   anes   anis   bane   bani   bans   barn   bean   bens   bine   bins   bran   bren   brin   cain   cane   cans   carn   cine   earn   erns   nabe   nabs   narc   near   nebs   nibs   nice   rain   rani   rein   rins   sain   sane   scan   sine   snib

o -   abos   aero   arco   bios   boar   boas   bora   bore   brio   bros   cero   ciao   cobs   coir   core   cors   eros   oars   obes   obia   obis   ocas   orbs   orca   orcs   ores   osar   robe   robs   rocs   roes   rose   soar   sora   sorb   sore   sori

p -   aper   apes   apse   baps   cape   caps   carp   ceps   crap   epic   pace   pacs   pair   pare   pars   pase   pear   peas   pecs   peri   pias   pica   pice   pics   pier   pies   rape   raps   rasp   reap   reps   ripe   rips   sipe   spae   spar   spec   spic

r -   abri   acre   airs   arbs   arcs   ares   arse   bare   bars   bear   bier   birr   brae   bras   brie   bris   carb   care   carr   cars   cire   crab   crib   cris   ears   eras   errs   ires   race   rare   rase   rear   rebs   recs   reis   rias   ribs   rice   rise   sari   scar   sear   sera   sire

s -   aces   airs   arbs   arcs   ares   arse   asci   bars   base   bass   bias   bise   bras   bris   cabs   cars   case   cess   cris   ears   eras   ices   ires   isba   rase   rebs   recs   reis   rias   ribs   rise   sabe   sabs   sacs   sari   scab   scar   sear   seas   secs   seis   sera   sers   sibs   sice   sics   sire   sirs   sris

t -   abet   acts   airt   aits   arts   ates   bait   bast   bate   bats   beat   best   beta   bets   bite   bits   brat   brit   cart   cast   cate   cats   cist   cite   east   eats   erst   etas   etic   rate   rats   rest   rets   rite   sate   sati   scat   seat   sect   seta   site   stab   star   stir   tabs   tace   tare   tars   tear   teas   tics   tier   ties   tire   tsar

u -   beau   bura   burs   crus   cube   cubs   cues   curb   cure   curs   ecru   ecus   rube   rubs   rues   ruse   suba   suer   sura   sure   urbs   urea   uric   ursa   user

v -   aver   aves   cave   rave   revs   rive   save   vacs   vair   vars   vase   vera   verb   vibe   vice   vier   vies   visa   vise

w -   awes   braw   brew   caws   craw   crew   raws   swab   wabs   waes   wair   ware   wars   wear   webs   weir   wire   wise

x -   axes   axis   ibex

y -   abye   abys   aery   airy   ayes   bays   beys   bray   byes   byre   cays   easy   eyas   eyra   racy   rays   ryas   ryes   scry   syce   yare   year   yeas

z -   bize   czar   izar   raze   size

3 letters

a -   aas   aba   abs   ace   air   ais   arb   arc   are   ars   baa   bar   bas   bra   cab   car   ear   era   ras   ria   sab   sac   sae   sea

b -   abs   arb   bar   bas   bib   bis   bra   cab   ebb   reb   rib   sab   sib

c -   ace   arc   cab   car   cis   ice   rec   sac   sec   sic

d -   ads   aid   bad   bed   bid   cad   dab   deb   dib   die   dis   eds   ids   rad   red   rid   sad

e -   ace   are   bee   cee   ear   era   ere   ers   ice   ire   reb   rec   ree   rei   res   sae   sea   sec   see   sei   ser

f -   arf   efs   far   fas   fer   fib   fie   fir   ifs   ref   rif

g -   age   bag   beg   big   cig   erg   gab   gae   gar   gas   gib   gie   rag   reg   rig   sag   seg

h -   ash   bah   chi   hae   has   her   hes   hic   hie   his   ich   rah   sha   she

i -   air   ais   bis   cis   ice   ire   rei   ria   rib   sei   sib   sic   sir   sri

j -   jab   jar   jib   raj

k -   ark   ask   ick   irk   kab   kae   kas   kea   kir   ska   ski

l -   ail   alb   ale   als   bal   bel   cel   els   lab   lac   lar   las   lea   lei   lib   lie   lis   sal   sel

m -   aim   ami   arm   bam   cam   ems   ism   mac   mae   mar   mas   mib   mir   mis   ram   rem   rim   sim

n -   ain   ane   ani   ban   ben   bin   can   ens   ern   ins   nab   nae   neb   nib   ran   rin   sen   sin

o -   abo   bio   boa   bos   bro   cob   cor   cos   oar   obe   obi   oca   oes   ora   orb   orc   ore   ors   ose   rob   roc   roe   sob

p -   ape   asp   bap   cap   cep   pac   par   pas   pea   pec   per   pes   pia   pic   pie   pis   psi   rap   rep   rip   sap   sip   spa

r -   air   arb   arc   are   ars   bar   bra   brr   car   ear   era   err   ers   ire   ras   reb   rec   rei   res   ria   rib   ser   sir   sri

s -   abs   ais   ars   ass   bas   bis   cis   ers   ess   ras   res   sab   sac   sae   sea   sec   sei   ser   sib   sic   sir   sis   sri

t -   act   ait   art   ate   bat   bet   bit   cat   eat   eta   its   rat   ret   sat   set   sit   tab   tae   tar   tas   tea   tic   tie   tis

u -   bur   bus   cub   cue   cur   eau   ecu   rub   rue   sau   sub   sue   urb   use

v -   ave   rev   vac   var   vas   via   vie   vis

w -   awe   caw   raw   saw   sew   wab   wae   war   was   web   wis

x -   axe   rax   rex   sax   sex   six   xis

y -   aby   aye   ays   bay   bey   bye   bys   cay   cry   icy   ray   rya   rye   say   yar   yea   yes

z -   biz

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