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Words formed from any letters in canthi, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

7 letters

a -   acanthi

g -   gnathic

j -   jacinth

x -   xanthic

6 letters

a -   canthi

c -   canthi   cantic

e -   acetin   centai   chaine   enatic   ethnic

g -   aching   acting   hating

h -   canthi

i -   canthi   chitin   tahini

k -   antick   catkin

l -   catlin   chital   tincal

m -   mantic

n -   canthi   incant   tannic

o -   action   atonic   cation   chiton

p -   catnip   haptic   hatpin   painch   phatic

r -   inarch

s -   actins   antics   chains   chants   chinas   chints   nastic   shanti   snatch   snitch   stanch

t -   canthi   intact

u -   chaunt   nautch   tunica

y -   chanty

z -   chintz

5 letters

a -   actin   aitch   antic   chain   chant   china   natch

b -   baith   batch   bitch   cabin   habit

c -   actin   aitch   antic   cacti   catch   chain   chant   china   cinch   natch

d -   canid   dicta   ditch   nicad

e -   cheat   chine   enact   entia   ethic   hance   neath   niche   tache   teach   tench   tenia   thane   theca   thein   thine   tinea

f -   faint   faith   finch   fitch

g -   acing   chang   giant   night   thing

h -   aitch   chain   chant   china   hatch   hitch   natch

i -   acini   actin   aitch   antic   chain   china

k -   chink   takin   thack   thank   thick   think

l -   laich   laith   latch   lathi   licht   linac   tical

m -   amnic   manic   match   matin

n -   actin   antic   chain   chant   china   natch   ninth

o -   canto   chiao   chino   coati   cotan   nacho   notch   octan   ontic   tonic

p -   chapt   inapt   paint   panic   patch   patin   pinch   pinta   pitch

r -   airth   cairn   chair   chart   naric   ranch   ratch   riant   train   triac

s -   antis   cains   canst   cants   chats   chias   chins   chits   hants   hints   saint   saith   satin   scant   snath   stain   stich   tachs   tains   thins

t -   actin   aitch   antic   attic   chant   natch   tacit   taint   tinct   titan

u -   cutin   haunt   nucha   tunic   uncia   unhat

v -   vatic   vinca

w -   twain   watch   winch   witan   witch

y -   canty   itchy   yacht

4 letters

a -   acta   anta   anti   cain   cant   chat   chia   hant   tach   tain   than

b -   bach   baht   bait   bani   bath   bint

c -   cain   cant   chat   chia   chic   chin   chit   inch   itch   tach

d -   acid   adit   cadi   caid   chad   chid   dint   dita   hand   hind

e -   ache   acne   ante   cane   cate   cent   cine   cite   each   eath   etch   etic   etna   haen   haet   hate   heat   hent   neat   nice   nite   tace   thae   then   tine

f -   fact   fain   fiat   haft   naif

g -   agin   gain   gait   ghat   gnat   hang   nigh   tang   ting

h -   chat   chia   chin   chit   hant   hath   hint   inch   itch   tach   than   thin

i -   anti   cain   chia   chin   chit   hint   inch   inia   inti   itch   tain   thin

j -   haji

k -   akin   ankh   hack   haik   hank   hick   ikat   kain   khan   khat   kina   kith   knit   nick   tack   tank   tick

l -   alit   anil   clan   clit   hail   halt   hila   hilt   laic   lain   lath   lati   lich   lint   nail   tail   talc   tali

m -   amin   cham   mach   main   math   mica   mina   mint

n -   anti   cain   cant   chin   hant   hint   inch   tain   than   thin

o -   chao   chon   ciao   cion   coat   coin   coni   icon   into   iota   naoi   nota   oath   ohia   otic   taco   thio

p -   caph   chap   chip   nipa   pact   pain   pant   path   phat   pian   pica   pina   pint   pita   pith

r -   airn   airt   arch   carn   cart   char   hair   hart   narc   rain   rani   rant   rath   rich   tahr   tarn   thir

s -   acts   ains   aits   anis   ants   asci   cans   cash   cast   cats   chis   cist   hast   hats   hins   hisn   hist   hits   ichs   nits   sain   sati   scan   scat   shat   shin   shit   sinh   sith   snit   tans   this   tics   tins

t -   anti   cant   chat   chit   hant   hint   itch   tach   tact   tain   than   that   thin   tint

u -   aunt   cunt   haut   huic   hunt   tuna   unai   unci   unit

v -   vain   vina   vita

w -   chaw   hwan   thaw   twin   wain   wait   want   what   whin   whit   wich   with

x -   taxi

y -   achy   ayin   chay   city   cyan   tiny   tyin

z -   nazi   zinc

3 letters

a -   aah   act   aha   ain   ait   ana   ani   ant   can   cat   hat   nah   tan

b -   bah   ban   bat   bin   bit   cab   nab   nib   tab

c -   act   can   cat   chi   hic   ich   tic

d -   aid   and   cad   dah   din   dit   had   hid   tad

e -   ace   ane   ate   eat   eta   eth   hae   hen   het   hie   ice   nae   net   tae   tea   ten   the   tie

f -   aft   fan   fat   fin   fit

g -   cig   gan   gat   ghi   gin   git   hag   nag   tag

h -   chi   hah   hat   hic   hin   hit   ich   nah   nth

i -   ain   ait   ani   chi   hic   hin   hit   ich   nit   tic   tin

j -   haj   jin   taj

k -   ick   ink   kat   khi   kin   kit

l -   ail   alt   lac   lat   lin   lit   nil   til

m -   aim   ami   cam   ham   him   mac   man   mat   nam   nim   tam

n -   ain   ani   ant   can   hin   inn   nah   nan   nit   nth   tan   tin

o -   con   cot   hao   hon   hot   ion   noh   not   oat   oca   tao   tho   ton

p -   apt   cap   hap   hip   nap   nip   pac   pah   pan   pat   phi   pht   pia   pic   pin   pit   tap   tip

q -   qat

r -   air   arc   art   car   rah   ran   rat   ria   rin   tar

s -   ais   ash   cis   has   his   ins   its   sac   sat   sha   sic   sin   sit   tas   tis

t -   act   ait   ant   att   cat   hat   hit   nit   nth   tan   tat   tic   tin   tit

u -   cut   hun   hut   nut   tau   tui   tun   uta

v -   tav   vac   van   vat   via

w -   awn   caw   haw   naw   taw   twa   wan   wat   wha   win   wit

x -   nix   tax

y -   any   cay   hay   icy   nay   thy   yah   yin

z -   zin   zit

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