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Words formed from any letters in canal, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

e -   anlace

l -   callan

o -   canola

r -   carnal

s -   canals

u -   canula   lacuna

5 letters

a -   canal

b -   banal   cabal

c -   canal

d -   aland

e -   alane   clean   lance

g -   alang   clang   lagan

i -   lanai   liana   linac

j -   jacal

k -   alack   clank

l -   calla   canal

n -   annal   canal   canna

o -   coala

r -   craal

s -   alans   anlas   clans   nasal

t -   alant   natal

u -   lauan

v -   naval

y -   nyala

4 letters

a -   alan   anal   clan

b -   alba   baal

c -   caca   clan

d -   clad   land   nada

e -   acne   alae   alec   cane   elan   lace   lane   lean

f -   alfa   calf   flan

g -   alga   anga   clag   gala   lang

i -   anil   cain   laic   lain   nail

k -   calk   kana   lack   lank

l -   alan   anal   call   clan

m -   alma   calm   clam   lama   mana

n -   alan   anal   anna   clan   naan   nana

o -   anoa   calo   clon   coal   cola   loan   loca

p -   clap   paca   plan

r -   alar   carl   carn   narc

s -   aals   alas   anas   ansa   cans   casa   lacs   scan

t -   acta   anta   cant   tala   talc

u -   caul   luna   ulan   ulna

v -   lava

w -   claw   lawn

x -   axal   calx

y -   acyl   clay   cyan   lacy

z -   azan

3 letters

a -   aal   ala   ana   can   lac

b -   aba   alb   baa   bal   ban   cab   lab   nab

c -   can   lac

d -   and   cad   dal   lad

e -   ace   ale   ane   cel   lea   nae

f -   fan

g -   aga   gal   gan   lag   nag

h -   aah   aha   nah

i -   ail   ain   ani   lin   nil

l -   aal   ala   all   lac

m -   ama   cam   lam   mac   man   nam

n -   ana   can   nan

o -   col   con   oca

p -   alp   cap   lap   nap   pac   pal   pan

r -   arc   car   lar   ran

s -   aas   als   las   sac   sal

t -   act   alt   ant   cat   lat   tan

v -   ava   lav   vac   van

w -   awa   awl   awn   caw   law   naw   wan

x -   lax

y -   any   cay   lay   nay

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