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Words formed from any letters in calls, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

a -   callas

i -   lilacs   scilla

o -   locals

s -   scalls

u -   callus   sulcal

5 letters

a -   calla   calls   salal   scall

b -   balls

c -   calls   scall

d -   clads   scald

e -   alecs   cella   cells   laces   scale

f -   calfs   falls

g -   clags   galls

h -   clash   halls   shall

i -   laics   lilac   salic

k -   calks   lacks   slack

l -   calls   lalls   scall

m -   calms   clams   malls   small

n -   clans

o -   calos   coals   colas   local   ollas   salol

p -   claps   clasp   palls   scalp   spall

r -   carls

s -   calls   class   scall

t -   clast   stall   talcs

u -   cauls   culls   scull

w -   claws   walls

y -   acyls   clays   sally   scaly

4 letters

a -   aals   alas   alls   call   casa   lacs   sall

b -   albs   ball   bals   cabs   labs   scab   slab

c -   call   lacs

d -   cads   clad   dals   lads   scad

e -   aces   alec   ales   case   cell   cels   ells   lace   lase   leal   leas   sale   seal   sell

f -   calf   fall

g -   clag   gall   gals   lags   scag   slag

h -   cash   hall   lash

i -   ails   asci   ills   laic   sail   sial   sill

k -   calk   cask   lack   sack

l -   alls   call   lacs   lall   sall

m -   alms   calm   cams   clam   lams   macs   mall   scam   slam

n -   cans   clan   scan

o -   also   calo   coal   cola   cols   loca   ocas   olla   sola

p -   alps   caps   clap   laps   pacs   pall   pals   salp   slap

r -   arcs   carl   cars   lars   scar

s -   alls   lacs   lass   sacs   sall   sals

t -   acts   alts   cast   cats   last   lats   salt   scat   slat   talc   tall

u -   caul   cull   saul

v -   lavs   vacs

w -   awls   caws   claw   laws   slaw   wall

x -   calx

y -   acyl   ally   cays   clay   lacy   lays   slay

3 letters

a -   aal   aas   ala   all   als   lac   las   sac   sal

b -   abs   alb   bal   bas   cab   lab   sab

c -   lac   sac

d -   ads   cad   dal   lad   sad

e -   ace   ale   cel   ell   els   lea   sae   sea   sec   sel

f -   fas

g -   gal   gas   lag   sag

h -   ash   has   sha

i -   ail   ais   cis   ill   lis   sic

k -   ask   kas   ska

l -   all   als   lac   las   sal

m -   cam   lam   mac   mas

n -   can

o -   col   cos   oca   sol

p -   alp   asp   cap   lap   pac   pal   pas   sap   spa

r -   arc   ars   car   lar   ras

s -   als   ass   las   sac   sal

t -   act   alt   cat   lat   sat   tas

u -   sau

v -   lav   vac   vas

w -   awl   caw   law   saw   was

x -   lax   sax

y -   ays   cay   lay   say   sly

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