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Words formed from any letters in caber, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

d -   braced

h -   breach

i -   caribe

k -   backer

m -   camber   crambe

r -   bracer

s -   braces   cabers

u -   rubace

5 letters

a -   acerb   areca   brace   caber

b -   acerb   barbe   brace   caber

c -   acerb   brace   caber

d -   acred   arced   ardeb   barde   bared   beard   bread   cadre   cared   cedar   debar   raced

e -   acerb   brace   caber   rebec

f -   facer   farce

g -   barge   cager   grace

h -   beach   brach   chare   reach   rehab

i -   areic   baric   ceiba   ceria   erica   rabic

k -   baker   brake   break   crake   creak   kebar

l -   abler   baler   blare   blear   cable   carle   clear   lacer

m -   amber   bream   cream   embar   macer

n -   caner   crane   nacre   rance

o -   carbo   carob   cobra   ocrea

p -   becap   caper   crape   pacer   recap

r -   acerb   barer   barre   brace   caber   carer   racer   rebar

s -   acres   bares   baser   bears   braes   carbs   cares   carse   crabs   escar   races   saber   sabre   scare   serac

t -   bract   caret   carte   cater   crate   react   recta   taber   trace

u -   cuber

v -   brave   carve   caver   crave

x -   carex

y -   barye   yerba

z -   braze   craze   zebra

4 letters

a -   acre   area   bare   bear   brae   carb   care   crab   race

b -   abbe   babe   barb   bare   bear   brae   carb   crab

c -   acre   carb   care   ceca   crab   race

d -   abed   aced   bade   bard   bead   brad   bred   cade   card   dace   darb   dare   dear   drab   read

e -   acre   bare   bear   beer   brae   bree   care   cere   race

f -   barf   cafe   face   fare   fear   frae

g -   ager   berg   brag   cage   crag   garb   gear   grab   rage

h -   ache   arch   bach   char   each   hare   hear   herb   rhea

i -   abri   bice   bier   brie   cire   crib   rice

k -   back   bake   bark   beak   beck   cake   cark   kbar   kerb   rack   rake   reck

l -   able   alec   bale   blae   carl   earl   lace   lear   rale   real

m -   acme   barm   beam   bema   berm   came   cram   mabe   mace   marc   mare   ream

n -   acne   bane   barn   bean   bran   bren   cane   carn   earn   nabe   narc   near

o -   aero   arco   boar   bora   bore   cero   core   orca   robe

p -   aper   cape   carp   crap   pace   pare   pear   rape   reap

r -   acre   bare   bear   brae   carb   care   carr   crab   race   rare   rear

s -   aces   arbs   arcs   ares   arse   bars   base   bras   cabs   cars   case   ears   eras   rase   rebs   recs   sabe   scab   scar   sear   sera

t -   abet   bate   beat   beta   brat   cart   cate   rate   tace   tare   tear

u -   beau   bura   cube   curb   cure   ecru   rube   urea

v -   aver   cave   rave   vera   verb

w -   braw   brew   craw   crew   ware   wear

y -   abye   aery   bray   byre   eyra   racy   yare   year

z -   czar   raze

3 letters

a -   aba   ace   arb   arc   are   baa   bar   bra   cab   car   ear   era

b -   arb   bar   bra   cab   ebb   reb

c -   ace   arc   cab   car   rec

d -   bad   bed   cad   dab   deb   rad   red

e -   ace   are   bee   cee   ear   era   ere   reb   rec   ree

f -   arf   far   fer   ref

g -   age   bag   beg   erg   gab   gae   gar   rag   reg

h -   bah   hae   her   rah

i -   air   ice   ire   rei   ria   rib

j -   jab   jar   raj

k -   ark   kab   kae   kea

l -   alb   ale   bal   bel   cel   lab   lac   lar   lea

m -   arm   bam   cam   mac   mae   mar   ram   rem

n -   ane   ban   ben   can   ern   nab   nae   neb   ran

o -   abo   boa   bro   cob   cor   oar   obe   oca   ora   orb   orc   ore   rob   roc   roe

p -   ape   bap   cap   cep   pac   par   pea   pec   per   rap   rep

r -   arb   arc   are   bar   bra   brr   car   ear   era   err   reb   rec

s -   abs   ars   bas   ers   ras   res   sab   sac   sae   sea   sec   ser

t -   act   art   ate   bat   bet   cat   eat   eta   rat   ret   tab   tae   tar   tea

u -   bur   cub   cue   cur   eau   ecu   rub   rue   urb

v -   ave   rev   vac   var

w -   awe   caw   raw   wab   wae   war   web

x -   axe   rax   rex

y -   aby   aye   bay   bey   bye   cay   cry   ray   rya   rye   yar   yea

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