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Words formed from any letters in buses, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

a -   abuses   subsea

d -   bussed

h -   bushes

i -   busies

m -   sebums

o -   bouses

r -   burses   subers

s -   busses

t -   subset

5 letters

a -   abuse   bases   beaus   sabes   subas

b -   buses

c -   cubes

d -   bused

e -   buses

f -   fuses

g -   guess

i -   bises   issue

j -   jubes

k -   busks

l -   bless   blues   lubes   slubs   slues

m -   muses   sebum

n -   snubs

o -   bouse   souse

p -   pubes   puses   spues   supes

r -   burse   rebus   rubes   ruses   suber   suers   users

s -   buses

t -   bests   busts   butes   stubs   suets   tubes

u -   buses

z -   zebus

4 letters

a -   base   bass   beau   sabe   sabs   seas   suba

b -   bubs   buss   ebbs   subs

c -   cess   cube   cubs   cues   cuss   ecus   secs

d -   beds   bedu   buds   debs   dubs   dues   suds   sued   used

e -   bees   eses   sees   sues   uses

f -   fess   feus   fubs   fuse   fuss

g -   begs   bugs   segs

h -   bush   hubs   hues   shes

i -   bise   seis   sibs

j -   jess   jube

k -   busk   kues   ukes

l -   bels   blue   less   lube   lues   sels   slub   slue

m -   bums   emus   mess   muse   muss   sums

n -   bens   buns   nebs   ness   nubs   snub   suns   unbe

o -   boss   obes   oses   sobs   sous

p -   pubs   puss   spue   supe   sups

q -   suqs

r -   burs   rebs   rube   rubs   rues   ruse   sers   suer   sure   urbs   user

s -   buss   subs   sues   suss   uses

t -   best   bets   bust   bute   buts   sets   stub   suet   tube   tubs

u -   buss   subs   sues   uses

w -   sews   webs   wuss

y -   beys   busy   buys   byes

z -   zebu

3 letters

a -   abs   ass   bas   eau   sab   sae   sau   sea

b -   bub   bus   ebb   sub

c -   cub   cue   ecu   sec

d -   bed   bud   deb   dub   due   eds

e -   bee   ess   see   sue   use

f -   efs   feu   fub

g -   beg   bug   seg

h -   hes   hub   hue   she

i -   bis   sei   sib   sis

j -   jeu   jus

k -   kue   uke

l -   bel   els   leu   sel

m -   bum   ems   emu   mus   sum

n -   ben   bun   ens   neb   nub   nus   sen   sun   uns

o -   bos   obe   oes   ose   sob   sos   sou

p -   pes   pub   pus   sup   ups

q -   suq

r -   bur   ers   reb   res   rub   rue   ser   urb

s -   bus   ess   sub   sue   use

t -   bet   but   set   tub   uts

u -   bus   sub   sue   use

w -   sew   web

x -   sex

y -   bey   buy   bye   bys   yes

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