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Words formed from any letters in brooder, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

i -   broodier

s -   brooders

w -   borrowed

7 letters

a -   arbored   boarder   broader   reboard

b -   brooder

c -   corrode

d -   brooded   brooder

e -   brooder   rebored

f -   forbode   forbore

i -   broider

k -   brooked

l -   boodler

m -   bedroom   boredom   broomed

o -   brooder

r -   brooder

s -   borders

t -   redroot

u -   bordure

6 letters

a -   adorer   barred   roadeo   roared

b -   boobed   border   dobber   robbed   robber

c -   corder   record

d -   border   odored

e -   border   rebore   rebred

f -   foredo   reroof   roofed   roofer

g -   booger   goober

h -   hoboed

i -   birder   birred   boride   orbier   oroide

k -   booked   booker   broker   rebook   rooked

l -   bolder   bolero   boodle   bordel

m -   boomed   boomer   dormer   moored   roomed   roomer

n -   bonder   droner   reborn

o -   border

p -   dorper   poorer   probed   prober

r -   border

s -   borers   broods   desorb   dobros   dorser   orders   resorb   rodeos   roosed   rooser   sorbed   sordor

t -   booted   debtor   reboot   rooted   rooter   torero

u -   burred   dourer   ordure

v -   drover   overdo

w -   borrow   browed   reword

y -   broody   rebody

z -   boozed   boozer   doozer   rebozo

5 letters

a -   abode   adobe   adobo   adore   arbor   ardeb   ardor   barde   bared   barer   barre   beard   board   bread   broad   darer   debar   dobra   drear   oared   oread   rared   rebar

b -   booed   bored   borer   brood   dobro   orbed   robed

c -   coder   cooed   cooer   cored   corer   credo   crore   decor

d -   boded   booed   bored   brood   dobro   odder   orbed   order   robed   rodeo

e -   booed   bored   borer   brede   breed   erode   erred   orbed   order   robed   rodeo

f -   fordo   frore

g -   gored   roger

h -   horde   oohed

i -   bider   bride   brier   direr   dobie   drier   oorie   rebid   rider

k -   broke   brook

l -   blood   dolor   drool   lobed   looed   obole   older   roble

m -   brome   bromo   broom   demob   mooed   morro   omber   ombre   ormer   romeo

n -   boned   boner   borne   boron   donor   drone   odeon   redon   rondo

o -   booed   bored   borer   brood   dobro   orbed   order   robed   rodeo

p -   doper   droop   pedro   pored   probe   rebop   repro   roped   roper

r -   bored   borer   brood   dobro   error   orbed   order   robed   rodeo

s -   bodes   boors   bores   broos   brose   doers   doors   dorrs   doser   oboes   odors   ordos   redos   resod   robes   roods   roose   rosed   sober   sorer

t -   doter   retro   robot   rotor   trode

u -   burro   odour   redub   ruder   uredo

v -   bevor   drove   roved   rover

w -   bowed   bower   dower   rowed   rower   wooed   wooer

x -   boxed   boxer   redox

y -   berry   derby   derry   dryer   redry

z -   booze   dozer   oozed

4 letters

a -   abed   aero   bade   bard   bare   bead   bear   boar   bora   brad   brae   darb   dare   dear   drab   odea   orad   orra   rare   read   rear   road   roar

b -   bode   boob   boor   bore   bred   broo   oboe   robe

c -   cero   code   coed   cord   core   deco

d -   bode   bred   dodo   doer   door   dore   dorr   eddo   odor   ordo   redd   redo   rode   rood

e -   beer   bode   bore   bred   bree   deer   dere   doer   dore   dree   oboe   rede   redo   reed   robe   rode

f -   feod   food   forb   ford   fore   froe   roof

g -   berg   doge   dreg   ergo   gobo   goer   good   gore   ogre

h -   herb   herd   hero   hobo   hoed   hoer   hood   ohed

i -   bide   bier   bird   birr   brie   brio   dire   drib   ired   ride

j -   dojo

k -   book   dork   drek   kerb   kobo   kore   rook

l -   bled   bold   bole   bolo   dole   lobe   lobo   lode   lord   lore   obol   oleo   orle   role

m -   berm   boom   demo   derm   dome   doom   dorm   mode   mood   moor   more   omer   room

n -   bend   bond   bone   boon   born   bren   done   ebon   nerd   node   rend

o -   bode   boor   bore   broo   doer   door   dore   dorr   oboe   odor   ordo   redo   robe   rode   rood

p -   dope   dorp   drop   oped   pood   poor   pore   prod   repo   rope

r -   boor   bore   bred   broo   brrr   doer   door   dore   dorr   odor   ordo   redo   robe   rode   rood

s -   beds   bods   boos   bros   debs   does   dors   dose   eros   errs   obes   odes   orbs   ores   rebs   reds   robs   rods   roes   rose   sorb   sord   sore

t -   boot   bort   debt   dote   root   rote   roto   toed   tore   toro   torr   trod

u -   bedu   burd   burr   dour   drub   dure   duro   durr   euro   roue   rube   rude   rued   ruer

v -   dove   over   rove   verb

w -   brew   brow   drew   owed   wood   word   wore

y -   body   boyo   byre   doby   dory   dyer   obey   orby   oyer   yore

z -   bozo   doze   ooze   orzo   zero

3 letters

a -   abo   ado   arb   are   bad   bar   boa   bra   dab   ear   era   oar   ora   rad

b -   bed   bob   bod   boo   bro   brr   deb   ebb   obe   orb   reb   rob

c -   cob   cod   coo   cor   doc   orc   rec   roc

d -   bed   bod   deb   doe   dor   odd   ode   red   rod

e -   bed   bee   deb   dee   doe   ere   err   obe   ode   ore   reb   red   ree   roe

f -   fed   fer   fob   foe   for   fro   ref

g -   beg   bog   dog   ego   erg   ged   gob   god   goo   gor   reg

h -   edh   her   hob   hod   hoe   oho   ooh   rho

i -   bid   bio   dib   die   ire   obi   rei   rib   rid

j -   job   joe

k -   kob   kor   oke

l -   bel   del   dol   eld   led   lob   loo   old   ole

m -   dom   med   mob   mod   moo   mor   rem   rom

n -   ben   den   don   end   eon   ern   neb   nob   nod   noo   nor   one

o -   bod   boo   bro   doe   dor   obe   ode   orb   ore   rob   rod   roe

p -   bop   ope   ped   per   pod   pro   rep

r -   bro   brr   dor   err   orb   ore   reb   red   rob   rod   roe

s -   bos   dos   eds   ers   ods   oes   ors   ose   res   ser   sob   sod

t -   bet   bot   dot   oot   ort   ret   rot   ted   tod   toe   too   tor

u -   bud   bur   dub   due   duo   oud   our   rub   rue   udo   urb   urd

v -   dev   rev   voe

w -   bow   dew   dow   owe   row   web   wed   woe   woo

x -   box   dex   oxo   rex

y -   bey   boy   bye   dey   dry   dye   rye   yob   yod

z -   zed   zoo

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