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Words formed from any letters in brens, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

i -   brines

o -   boners

t -   brents

5 letters

a -   banes   bares   barns   baser   beans   bears   braes   brans   earns   nabes   nares   nears   saber   sabre   saner   snare

b -   brens

d -   bends   nerds   rends

e -   beers   benes   brees   brens   ernes   sneer

f -   ferns

g -   bergs

h -   herbs   herns

i -   biers   bines   birse   bries   brine   brins   reins   resin   ribes   rinse   risen   serin   siren

k -   kerbs   kerns

m -   berms

n -   brens

o -   boner   bones   bores   borne   brose   ebons   robes   senor   snore   sober

r -   brens

s -   brens

t -   bents   brent   nerts   rents   stern   terns

u -   burns   burse   nurse   rebus   rubes   runes   suber

v -   verbs

w -   brews   wrens

y -   byres   syren

4 letters

a -   anes   arbs   ares   arse   bane   bans   bare   barn   bars   base   bean   bear   brae   bran   bras   earn   ears   eras   nabe   nabs   near   rase   sabe   sane   sear   sera

b -   bens   bren   ebbs   nebs   rebs

c -   recs

d -   beds   bend   bred   debs   dens   ends   nerd   reds   rend   send   sned

e -   been   beer   bees   bene   bens   bree   bren   erne   erns   nebs   rebs   rees   seen   seer   sene   sere

f -   fens   fern   refs   serf

g -   begs   berg   engs   ergs   gens   regs

h -   hens   herb   hern   hers   resh

i -   bier   bine   bins   bise   brie   brin   bris   ires   nibs   rein   reis   ribs   rins   rise   sine   sire   snib

k -   kens   kerb   kern

l -   bels   lens

m -   berm   rems

n -   bens   bren   erns   nebs

o -   bone   bore   born   bros   ebon   eons   eros   nobs   noes   nose   obes   ones   orbs   ores   robe   robs   roes   rose   snob   sone   sorb   sore   sorn

p -   pens   reps

r -   bren   erns   errs   rebs

s -   bens   erns   nebs   ness   rebs   sers

t -   bent   best   bets   erst   nest   nets   rent   rest   rets   sent   tens   tern

u -   buns   burn   burs   nubs   rube   rubs   rues   rune   runs   ruse   snub   suer   sure   unbe   urbs   urns   user

v -   revs   verb

w -   brew   news   sewn   webs   wens   wren

y -   beys   byes   byre   ryes   snye   syne   yens

3 letters

a -   abs   ane   arb   are   ars   ban   bar   bas   bra   ear   era   nab   nae   ran   ras   sab   sae   sea

b -   ben   ebb   neb   reb

c -   rec   sec

d -   bed   deb   den   eds   end   red

e -   bee   ben   ens   ere   ern   ers   neb   nee   reb   ree   res   see   sen   ser

f -   efs   fen   fer   ref

g -   beg   eng   erg   gen   reg   seg

h -   hen   her   hes   she

i -   bin   bis   ins   ire   nib   rei   rib   rin   sei   sib   sin   sir   sri

k -   ken

l -   bel   els   sel

m -   ems   men   rem

n -   ben   ens   ern   neb   sen

o -   bos   bro   eon   nob   nor   nos   obe   oes   one   ons   orb   ore   ors   ose   rob   roe   sob   son

p -   pen   per   pes   rep

r -   brr   ern   err   ers   reb   res   ser

s -   ens   ers   ess   res   sen   ser

t -   bet   net   ret   set   ten

u -   bun   bur   bus   nub   nus   rub   rue   run   sub   sue   sun   uns   urb   urn   use

v -   rev

w -   new   sew   web   wen

x -   rex   sex

y -   bey   bye   bys   rye   syn   yen   yes

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