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Words formed from any letters in botch, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

l -   blotch

y -   botchy

5 letters

a -   batch

b -   botch

c -   botch

e -   boche

h -   botch   hotch

i -   bitch

l -   cloth

n -   notch

o -   bhoot   booth   botch

r -   broth   rotch   throb   torch

t -   botch   chott

u -   butch   couth   touch

y -   bothy

4 letters

a -   bach   baht   bath   boat   bota   chao   chat   coat   oath   tach   taco

b -   both   cobb

d -   doth

e -   beth   cote   echo   etch

f -   coft

h -   both

i -   chit   itch   obit   otic   thio

k -   bock   hock

l -   bloc   blot   bolt   clot   colt   holt   loch   loth

m -   comb   moth   tomb

n -   chon

o -   boot   both   coho   coot   hobo   hoot

p -   chop   phot   toph

r -   bort   thro   torc

s -   bosh   bots   cobs   cosh   cost   cots   hobs   host   hots   scot   shot   soth   stob   tosh

t -   both   bott

u -   bhut   bout   chub   ouch   thou

w -   chow

y -   toby

3 letters

a -   abo   act   bah   bat   boa   cab   cat   hao   hat   oat   oca   tab   tao

b -   bob   bot   cob   hob

c -   cob   cot

d -   bod   cod   doc   dot   hod   tod

e -   bet   eth   het   hoe   obe   the   toe

f -   fob   foh   oft

g -   bog   cog   gob   got   hog   tog

h -   hob   hot   tho

i -   bio   bit   chi   hic   hit   ich   obi   tic

j -   job   jot

k -   kob

l -   col   lob   lot

m -   mho   mob   moc   mot   ohm   tom

n -   con   hon   nob   noh   not   nth   ton

o -   boo   bot   cob   coo   cot   hob   hot   oho   ooh   oot   tho   too

p -   bop   cop   hop   opt   pht   poh   pot   top

r -   bro   cor   orb   orc   ort   rho   rob   roc   rot   tor

s -   bos   cos   ohs   sob   sot

t -   bot   cot   hot   tho   tot

u -   but   cub   cut   hub   hut   out   tub

w -   bow   cow   how   tow   two   who   wot

x -   box   cox

y -   boy   coy   hoy   thy   toy   yob

z -   coz

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