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Words formed from any letters in bosks, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

a -   askos   basks   basso   soaks

b -   bosks

c -   bocks   socks

e -   sokes

h -   skosh

i -   bisks

k -   bosks

l -   slobs

m -   mosks

n -   bonks   knobs   snobs

o -   books   bosks   kobos   sooks

r -   sorbs

s -   bosks

t -   stobs

u -   busks   kusso   souks

w -   swobs

y -   bosky   bossy

4 letters

a -   abos   asks   bask   bass   boas   kabs   koas   oaks   okas   ossa   sabs   skas   soak

b -   bobs   bosk   boss   kobs   sobs

c -   bock   cobs   coss   sock

d -   bods   doss   sods

e -   obes   okes   oses   soke

f -   fobs   foss

g -   bogs   gobs

h -   bosh   hobs

i -   bios   bisk   kiss   kois   obis   sibs   skis

j -   jobs   joss

k -   bosk   kobs   koss

l -   lobs   loss   slob   sols

m -   mobs   mosk   moss

n -   bonk   knob   nobs   snob   sons

o -   book   boos   bosk   boss   kobo   kobs   koss   sobs   sook

p -   bops   kops   sops

r -   bros   kors   orbs   robs   sorb

s -   bosk   boss   kobs   koss   sobs

t -   bots   sots   stob   toss   tsks

u -   busk   buss   souk   sous   subs

w -   bows   sows   swob   woks

y -   boys   soys   sybo   yobs   yoks

3 letters

a -   abo   abs   ask   ass   bas   boa   kab   kas   koa   oak   oka   sab   ska

b -   bob   bos   kob   sob

c -   cob   cos

d -   bod   dos   ods   sod

e -   ess   obe   oes   oke   ose

f -   fob

g -   bog   gob   gos

h -   hob   ohs

i -   bio   bis   koi   obi   sib   sis   ski

j -   job

k -   kob   kos

l -   lob   sol

m -   mob   mos   oms   som

n -   nob   nos   ons   son

o -   boo   bos   kob   kos   sob   sos

p -   bop   kop   ops   sop

r -   bro   kor   orb   ors   rob

s -   bos   kos   sob   sos

t -   bot   sot   tsk

u -   bus   sou   sub

w -   bow   sow   wok   wos

x -   box   sox

y -   boy   bys   sky   soy   yob   yok

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