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Words formed from any letters in bones, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

a -   beanos

l -   nobles

n -   bonnes

r -   boners

t -   betons

w -   besnow

z -   bonzes

5 letters

a -   aeons   banes   beano   beans   nabes

b -   bones   ebons

c -   cones   onces   scone

d -   bends   bodes   bonds   boned   nodes   nosed   sonde

e -   benes   bones   ebons   obese

g -   bongs   segno

h -   hones   hosen   shone

i -   bines   bison   eosin   noise

j -   jones

k -   bonks   kenos   knobs

l -   boles   enols   lenos   lobes   noble   noels

m -   besom   meson   nomes   omens

n -   bones   bonne   ebons   neons   nones

o -   bones   boons   boson   ebons   noose   oboes

p -   opens   peons   pones

r -   boner   bores   borne   brens   brose   robes   senor   snore   sober

s -   bones   ebons   noses   snobs   sones

t -   bents   besot   beton   notes   onset   seton   steno   stone   tones

u -   bonus   bosun   bouse

v -   ovens

w -   bowse   enows   owsen

x -   boxes   exons

y -   boney   ebony   nosey   obeys

z -   bonze   zones

4 letters

a -   abos   aeon   anes   bane   bans   base   bean   boas   nabe   nabs   naos   sabe   sane

b -   bens   bobs   bone   ebbs   ebon   nebs   nobs   obes   snob

c -   cobs   cone   cons   once

d -   beds   bend   bode   bods   bond   debs   dens   does   done   dons   dose   ends   node   nods   odes   send   sned

e -   been   bees   bene   bens   bone   ebon   eons   nebs   noes   nose   obes   ones   seen   sene   sone

f -   fens   fobs   foes   fons

g -   begs   bogs   bong   egos   engs   gens   gobs   goes   gone   nogs   sego   snog   song

h -   bosh   hens   hobs   hoes   hone   hons   hose   nosh   shoe

i -   bine   bins   bios   bise   ions   nibs   obis   sine   snib

j -   jeon   jobs   joes

k -   bonk   bosk   keno   kens   knob   kobs   okes   soke

l -   bels   bole   enol   leno   lens   lobe   lobs   lone   lose   noel   oles   slob   sloe   sole

m -   meno   mobs   mons   nome   noms   omen   some

n -   bens   bone   ebon   eons   nebs   neon   nobs   noes   none   nose   ones   snob   sone

o -   bone   boon   boos   ebon   eons   nobs   noes   nose   obes   oboe   ones   snob   sone   soon

p -   bops   epos   nope   open   opes   pens   peon   peso   pone   pons   pose

r -   bore   born   bren   bros   erns   eros   orbs   ores   rebs   robe   robs   roes   rose   sorb   sore   sorn

s -   bens   boss   eons   nebs   ness   nobs   noes   nose   obes   ones   oses   snob   sobs   sone   sons

t -   bent   best   bets   bots   nest   nets   note   sent   snot   stob   tens   toes   tone   tons

u -   buns   nous   nubs   onus   snub   unbe

v -   oven   voes

w -   bows   enow   news   nows   owes   owns   owse   sewn   snow   sown   swob   webs   wens   woes   wons

x -   exon   oxen   oxes

y -   beys   bony   boys   byes   nosy   obey   oyes   snye   sybo   syne   yens   yobs

z -   zone

3 letters

a -   abo   abs   ane   ban   bas   boa   nab   nae   sab   sae   sea

b -   ben   bob   bos   ebb   neb   nob   obe   sob

c -   cob   con   cos   sec

d -   bed   bod   deb   den   doe   don   dos   eds   end   nod   ode   ods   sod

e -   bee   ben   ens   eon   neb   nee   obe   oes   one   ose   see   sen

f -   efs   fen   fob   foe   fon

g -   beg   bog   ego   eng   gen   gob   gos   nog   seg

h -   hen   hes   hob   hoe   hon   noh   ohs   she

i -   bin   bio   bis   ins   ion   nib   obi   sei   sib   sin

j -   job   joe

k -   ken   kob   kos   oke

l -   bel   els   lob   ole   sel   sol

m -   ems   men   mob   mon   mos   nom   oms   som

n -   ben   ens   eon   neb   nob   nos   one   ons   sen   son

o -   boo   bos   eon   nob   noo   nos   obe   oes   one   ons   ose   sob   son

p -   bop   ope   ops   pen   pes   sop

r -   bro   ern   ers   nor   orb   ore   ors   reb   res   rob   roe   ser

s -   bos   ens   ess   nos   oes   ons   ose   sen   sob   son   sos

t -   bet   bot   net   not   set   sot   ten   toe   ton

u -   bun   bus   nub   nus   sou   sub   sue   sun   uns   use

v -   voe

w -   bow   new   now   owe   own   sew   sow   web   wen   woe   won   wos

x -   box   sex   sox

y -   bey   boy   bye   bys   soy   syn   yen   yes   yob   yon

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