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Words formed from any letters in bloops, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

a -   saloop

b -   bloops

d -   bloods   podsol

e -   oboles

i -   polios

l -   bloops

m -   blooms

n -   bolson

o -   bloops

p -   bloops

r -   orlops

s -   bloops   sloops   spools

u -   obolus

5 letters

a -   bolas   opals

b -   blobs   bloop   bolos   boobs   lobos   obols

c -   blocs   clops   cools   coops   locos   scoop

d -   blood   bolds   plods   poods   soldo

e -   boles   lobes   loose   lopes   oboes   obole   oleos   plebs   poles   slope

f -   flops   fools   loofs   poofs   spoof

g -   globs   glops   gobos   goops   logos

h -   hobos   hoops   poohs   shool

i -   blips   boils   oboli   olios   polio   polis   spoil

k -   books   kobos   kolos   looks   sokol   spook

l -   bloop   bolls   bolos   lobos   loops   obols   polls   polos   pools   sloop   spool

m -   bloom   booms   bosom   looms   mools   osmol

n -   boons   boson   loons   nolos   poons   snool   snoop   solon   spoon

o -   bloop   bolos   lobos   loops   obols   polos   pools   sloop   spool

p -   bloop   loops   plops   polos   pools   poops   sloop   spool

r -   boors   broos   orlop   proso   sopor   spoor

s -   bolos   lobos   loops   obols   polos   pools   slobs   sloop   slops   solos   spool

t -   blots   bolts   boost   boots   loots   lotos   plots   sotol   stool   stoop   tools   topos

u -   bolus   loups

w -   blows   bowls   plows   swoop   wools   woops

y -   boyos   looby   loopy   ploys   polys

z -   bozos

4 letters

a -   abos   albs   alps   also   bals   baps   boas   bola   labs   laps   opal   pals   salp   slab   slap   soap   sola

b -   blob   bobs   bolo   boob   boos   bops   lobo   lobs   obol   slob

c -   bloc   clop   cobs   cols   cool   coop   coos   cops   loco   poco   scop

d -   bods   bold   dols   olds   plod   pods   pood   sold

e -   bels   bole   epos   lobe   lope   lose   obes   oboe   oleo   oles   opes   peso   pleb   pole   pose   sloe   sole

f -   flop   fobs   fool   fops   loof   poof

g -   bogs   glob   glop   gobo   gobs   goop   goos   logo   logs   slog

h -   bosh   hobo   hobs   holp   hols   hoop   hops   oohs   pooh   posh   shoo   shop   soph

i -   bios   blip   boil   libs   lips   lisp   obis   oils   olio   piso   pois   silo   slip   soil   soli

j -   jobs

k -   book   bosk   kobo   kobs   kolo   kops   look   sook

l -   boll   bolo   lobo   lobs   loop   loos   lops   obol   poll   polo   pols   pool   slob   slop   solo

m -   boom   loom   mobs   mols   mool   moos   mops   poms

n -   boon   loon   nobs   nolo   pons   poon   snob   soon

o -   bolo   boos   bops   lobo   lobs   loop   loos   lops   obol   oops   polo   pols   pool   slob   slop   solo

p -   bops   loop   lops   oops   plop   polo   pols   pool   poop   pops   slop

r -   boor   broo   bros   orbs   poor   pros   robs   sorb

s -   boos   bops   boss   lobs   loos   lops   loss   oops   pols   slob   slop   sobs   solo   sols   sops

t -   blot   bolt   boot   bots   loot   lost   lots   oots   opts   plot   post   pots   slot   soot   spot   stob   stop   tool   tops

u -   loup   opus   plus   pubs   puls   slub   soul   soup

w -   blow   bowl   bows   lows   owls   plow   pows   slow   swob   swop   wool   woos   wops

y -   boyo   boys   ploy   poly   posy   sybo   yobs

z -   bozo   zoos

3 letters

a -   abo   abs   alb   alp   als   asp   bal   bap   bas   boa   lab   lap   las   pal   pas   sab   sal   sap   spa

b -   bob   boo   bop   bos   lob   sob

c -   cob   col   coo   cop   cos

d -   bod   dol   dos   ods   old   pod   sod

e -   bel   els   obe   oes   ole   ope   ose   pes   sel

f -   fob   fop

g -   bog   gob   goo   gos   log

h -   hob   hop   oho   ohs   ooh   poh

i -   bio   bis   lib   lip   lis   obi   oil   pis   poi   psi   sib   sip

j -   job

k -   kob   kop   kos

l -   lob   loo   lop   pol   sol

m -   mob   mol   moo   mop   mos   oms   pom   som

n -   nob   noo   nos   ons   son

o -   boo   bop   bos   lob   loo   lop   ops   pol   sob   sol   sop

p -   bop   lop   ops   pol   pop   sop

r -   bro   orb   ors   pro   rob

s -   bos   ops   sob   sol   sop   sos

t -   bot   lot   oot   opt   pot   sot   too   top

u -   bus   pub   pul   pus   sou   sub   sup   upo   ups

w -   bow   low   owl   pow   sow   woo   wop   wos

x -   box   lox   oxo   pox   sox

y -   boy   bys   ply   sly   soy   spy   yob

z -   zoo

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