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Words formed from any letters in blench, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

a -   blanch   bleach

b -   blench

c -   blench   clench

e -   blench

f -   flench

h -   blench

i -   lichen

l -   blench

n -   blench

p -   plench

5 letters

a -   beach   cable   chela   clean   hance   lance   leach

b -   belch   bench

c -   belch   bench

d -   blend

e -   beech   belch   bench   celeb   hence   leben   leech

h -   belch   bench

i -   chiel   chile   chine   cline   niche

k -   kench

l -   belch

n -   bench

o -   boche   clone   coble   noble

t -   blent   letch   tench

u -   bunch   lunch   uncle

w -   welch   wench

y -   chyle   lynch

4 letters

a -   able   ache   acne   alec   bach   bale   bane   bean   blae   blah   cane   clan   each   elan   haen   hale   heal   lace   lane   lean   nabe

b -   bleb

c -   lech

d -   bend   bled   held   lend

e -   been   bene   eche   hebe   heel   lech

f -   chef   clef

g -   glen

h -   lech

i -   bice   bile   bine   blin   ceil   chin   cine   elhi   heil   inch   lice   lich   lien   line   nice

k -   beck   heck   neck

l -   bell   cell   hell   lech

m -   helm

o -   bloc   bole   bone   chon   clon   cole   cone   ebon   echo   enol   helo   hole   hone   leno   lobe   loch   lone   noel   once

p -   help   pech   pleb

r -   bren   herb   herl   hern   lehr

s -   bels   bens   cels   hens   lens   nebs

t -   belt   bent   beth   blet   celt   cent   etch   hent   lent   then

u -   blue   buhl   chub   club   clue   cube   lube   luce   lune   unbe

w -   blew   chew   clew   hewn   when

y -   yech

z -   chez

3 letters

a -   ace   alb   ale   ane   bah   bal   ban   cab   can   hae   lab   lac   lea   nab   nae   nah

b -   bel   ben   ebb   neb

c -   cel

d -   bed   deb   del   den   edh   eld   end   led

e -   bee   bel   ben   cee   cel   eel   hen   lee   neb   nee

f -   elf   feh   fen

g -   beg   eng   gel   gen   leg

h -   heh   hen

i -   bin   chi   hic   hie   hin   ice   ich   lei   lib   lie   lin   nib   nil

k -   elk   ken   lek

l -   bel   cel   ell

m -   elm   hem   mel   men

n -   ben   hen   neb

o -   cob   col   con   eon   hob   hoe   hon   lob   nob   noh   obe   ole   one

p -   cep   hep   pec   peh   pen

r -   ern   her   reb   rec

s -   els   ens   hes   sec   sel   sen   she

t -   bet   eth   het   let   net   nth   tel   ten   the

u -   bun   cub   cue   ecu   hub   hue   hun   leu   nub

v -   lev

w -   hew   new   web   wen

x -   hex   lex

y -   bey   bye   hey   ley   lye   yeh   yen

z -   lez

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