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Words formed from any letters in becomes, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

7 letters

b -   becomes

c -   becomes

e -   becomes

k -   bemocks   besmoke

l -   cleomes

m -   becomes

n -   obscene

o -   becomes   coombes

r -   combers   recombs

s -   becomes

6 letters

a -   became   cameos

b -   become   bombes   combes

c -   become   bocces   combes

d -   combed   demobs   embeds

e -   become   beseem   combes   emcees

h -   boches   chemos   echoes   scheme   schmoe

i -   biomes

k -   bemock   embosk

l -   celebs   celoms   cleome   cobles

m -   become   combes

n -   socmen

o -   become   combes   combos   comose   cooees   coombe   coombs

r -   bermes   bromes   comber   comers   cremes   embers   ombers   ombres   rebecs   recomb   somber   sombre

s -   besoms   combes   emboss

t -   comets   comtes   emotes

u -   bemuse   mucose

w -   embows

x -   xebecs

y -   cymose

z -   zebecs

5 letters

a -   acmes   ambos   beams   bemas   cameo   cames   cease   comae   comas   mabes   maces   sambo

b -   besom   bombe   bombs   cobbs   combe   combs   obese

c -   bocce   combe   combs   comes   cosec   secco

d -   bodes   cedes   codes   coeds   decos   deems   demes   demob   demos   domes   embed   meeds   modes

e -   besom   combe   comes   emcee   obese

f -   beefs   feces   femes

g -   ogees

h -   beech   boche   chemo   chose   eches   echos   hebes   hemes   homes   schmo

i -   bices   biome   cosie   mesic   osmic

k -   becks   bocks   cokes   mocks   mokes   smeek   smock   smoke

l -   blocs   boles   celeb   celom   clomb   close   coble   coles   lobes   moles   socle

m -   besom   combe   combs   comes   memes   memos   momes

n -   benes   bones   cense   cones   ebons   mense   mesne   meson   neems   nomes   omens   onces   scene   scone   semen

o -   besom   booms   bosom   combe   combo   combs   comes   cooee   coomb   moose   obese   oboes

p -   beeps   cepes   comps   copes   copse   mopes   poems   pomes   scope

r -   beers   berme   berms   bores   brees   brome   brose   ceres   ceros   comer   cores   corms   corse   creme   ember   erose   meres   mores   morse   omber   ombre   omers   rebec   robes   score   scree   sober

s -   besom   combs   comes   coses   obese   seems   semes

t -   beets   beset   besot   cetes   comet   comte   coset   cotes   emote   escot   meets   metes   moste   motes   smote   teems   tombs   tomes

u -   bouse   cubes   emeus   meous   moues   mouse   sebum   umbos

v -   coves   moves   voces

w -   bowse   embow   meows   wombs

x -   boxes   coxes   execs   xebec

y -   cosey   cymes   mosey   obeys   sycee

z -   cozes   mezes   zebec

4 letters

a -   abos   aces   acme   ambo   bams   base   beam   bema   boas   cabs   came   cams   case   coma   ease   mabe   mace   macs   maes   mesa   moas   ocas   sabe   same   scab   scam   seam   soma

b -   bees   bobs   bomb   cobb   cobs   comb   ebbs   mobs   obes

c -   cees   cobs   comb   come   mocs

d -   beds   bode   bods   cede   code   cods   coed   debs   deco   deem   dees   deme   demo   docs   does   dome   doms   dose   meed   mode   mods   odes   seed

e -   bees   cees   come   emes   obes   seem   seme   some

f -   beef   emfs   fees   feme   fems   fobs   foes

g -   begs   bogs   cogs   egos   gees   gems   gobs   goes   megs   mogs   ogee   sego   smog

h -   bosh   cosh   eche   echo   hebe   heme   hems   hobs   hoes   home   hose   mesh   mhos   mosh   ohms   shmo   shoe

i -   bice   bios   bise   emic   ices   mibs   mice   mise   miso   obis   semi   sice

j -   jees   jobs   joes

k -   beck   bock   bosk   coke   ekes   kobs   meek   mock   moke   mosk   okes   seek   skee   sock   soke

l -   bels   bloc   bole   cels   cole   cols   eels   elms   else   lees   lobe   lobs   lose   mels   mole   mols   oles   seel   slob   sloe   sole

m -   comb   come   emes   meme   memo   mems   mobs   mocs   mome   moms   seem   seme   some

n -   been   bene   bens   bone   cone   cons   ebon   eons   meno   mons   nebs   neem   nobs   noes   nome   noms   nose   omen   once   ones   seen   sene   snob   sone

o -   boom   boos   cobs   comb   come   coos   mobs   mocs   moos   obes   oboe   some

p -   beep   bops   cepe   ceps   comp   cope   cops   epos   mope   mops   opes   pecs   pees   peso   poem   pome   poms   pose   scop   seep   spec

r -   beer   berm   bore   bree   bros   cere   cero   core   corm   cors   eros   mere   more   mors   omer   orbs   orcs   ores   rebs   recs   rees   rems   robe   robs   rocs   roes   roms   rose   seer   sere   sorb   sore

s -   bees   boss   cees   cess   cobs   coss   emes   eses   mess   mobs   mocs   moss   obes   oses   secs   seem   sees   seme   sobs   some

t -   beet   best   bets   bots   cete   cost   cote   cots   meet   mete   most   mote   mots   scot   sect   stem   stob   teem   tees   toes   tomb   tome   toms

u -   bums   cube   cubs   cues   ecus   emeu   emus   meou   moue   muse   scum   sumo   umbo

v -   cove   eves   move   vees   voes

w -   bows   cows   cwms   ewes   meow   mews   mows   owes   owse   scow   smew   swob   webs   wees   woes   womb

x -   exec   exes   oxes

y -   beys   boys   byes   cosy   coys   cyme   eyes   obey   oyes   sybo   syce   yobs

z -   meze   zees

3 letters

a -   abo   abs   ace   bam   bas   boa   cab   cam   mac   mae   mas   moa   oca   sab   sac   sae   sea

b -   bee   bob   bos   cob   ebb   mob   obe   sob

c -   cee   cob   cos   moc   sec

d -   bed   bod   cod   deb   dee   doc   doe   dom   dos   eds   med   mod   ode   ods   sod

e -   bee   cee   eme   ems   obe   oes   ose   sec   see

f -   efs   emf   fee   fem   fob   foe

g -   beg   bog   cog   ego   gee   gem   gob   gos   meg   mog   seg

h -   hem   hes   hob   hoe   mho   ohm   ohs   she

i -   bio   bis   cis   ice   ism   mib   mis   obi   sei   sib   sic   sim

j -   jee   job   joe

k -   eke   kob   kos   oke

l -   bel   cel   col   eel   elm   els   lee   lob   mel   mol   ole   sel   sol

m -   eme   ems   mem   mob   moc   mom   mos   oms   som

n -   ben   con   ens   eon   men   mon   neb   nee   nob   nom   nos   one   ons   sen   son

o -   boo   bos   cob   coo   cos   mob   moc   moo   mos   obe   oes   oms   ose   sob   som

p -   bop   cep   cop   mop   ope   ops   pec   pee   pes   pom   sop

r -   bro   cor   ere   ers   mor   orb   orc   ore   ors   reb   rec   ree   rem   res   rob   roc   roe   rom   ser

s -   bos   cos   ems   ess   mos   oes   oms   ose   sec   see   sob   som   sos

t -   bet   bot   cot   met   mot   set   sot   tee   toe   tom

u -   bum   bus   cub   cue   cum   ecu   emu   mus   sou   sub   sue   sum   use

v -   eve   vee   voe

w -   bow   cow   cwm   ewe   mew   mow   owe   sew   sow   web   wee   woe   wos

x -   box   cox   sex   sox

y -   bey   boy   bye   bys   coy   eye   soy   yes   yob   yom

z -   coz   zee

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