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Words formed from any letters in apply, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

f -   flappy

5 letters

a -   appal   apply   papal   playa

e -   appel   apple   pepla

g -   gappy

h -   haply   happy   phyla

i -   lippy   palpi   pipal

l -   apply   pally

m -   amply   palmy

n -   nappy

o -   loppy   polyp

p -   apply   pappy

s -   palps   palsy   plays   sappy   splay

t -   aptly   patly   platy   typal

u -   layup   pulpy   pupal

y -   apply   yappy

z -   zappy

4 letters

a -   palp   paly   papa   play

b -   ably

c -   acyl   clap   clay   lacy

d -   lady   yald

e -   leap   pale   peal   plea   yelp

f -   flap   flay

g -   agly   gapy

h -   hyla

i -   lipa   pail   pial   pily   pipy

k -   alky   laky

l -   ally   pall   palp   paly   play

m -   amyl   lamp   palm

n -   plan

o -   opal   plop   ploy   poly

p -   palp   paly   play

r -   aryl   pray

s -   alps   laps   lays   pals   paps   pays   pyas   salp   slap   slay   spay   yaps

t -   paty   plat   typp

u -   pula   pulp   pupa   yaup

w -   pawl   waly   yawl   yawp

y -   paly   play

z -   lazy

3 letters

a -   aal   ala   alp   lap   lay   pal   pap   pay   pya   yap

b -   aby   alb   bal   bap   bay   lab

c -   cap   cay   lac   pac

d -   dal   dap   day   lad   pad

e -   ale   ape   aye   lea   ley   lye   pea   pep   pye   yea   yep

f -   fay   fly

g -   gal   gap   gay   gyp   lag

h -   hap   hay   hyp   pah   yah

i -   ail   lip   pia   pip   yip

j -   jay

k -   kay   yak

l -   all   alp   lap   lay   pal   ply

m -   amp   lam   map   may   pam   yam

n -   any   nap   nay   pan

o -   lop   pol   pop

p -   alp   lap   pal   pap   pay   ply   pya   yap

r -   lar   par   pry   rap   ray   rya   yar

s -   als   asp   ays   las   pas   sal   sap   say   sly   spa   spy

t -   alt   apt   lat   pat   tap

u -   pul   pup   yup

v -   lav

w -   awl   law   paw   wap   way   yaw

x -   lax   pax   pyx

y -   lay   pay   ply   pya   yap   yay

z -   zap

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