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Words formed from any letters in ants, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

a -   antas

c -   canst   cants   scant

d -   stand

e -   antes   etnas   nates   neats   stane

g -   angst   gnats   stang   tangs

h -   hants   snath

i -   antis   saint   satin   stain   tains

k -   stank   tanks

l -   slant

o -   santo

p -   pants

r -   rants   tarns   trans

u -   aunts   tunas

w -   wants

y -   antsy   nasty   tansy

4 letters

a -   anas   ansa   anta   ants   tans

b -   bans   bast   bats   nabs   stab   tabs

c -   acts   cans   cant   cast   cats   scan   scat

d -   ands   sand   tads

e -   anes   ante   ates   east   eats   etas   etna   neat   nest   nets   sane   sate   seat   sent   seta   teas   tens

f -   fans   fast   fats

g -   gast   gats   gnat   nags   sang   snag   stag   tags   tang

h -   hant   hast   hats   shat   than

i -   ains   aits   anis   anti   nits   sain   sati   snit   tain   tins

k -   kats   sank   skat   tank   task

l -   alts   last   lats   salt   slat

m -   mans   mast   mats   tams

n -   ants   nans   tans

o -   naos   nota   oast   oats   snot   stoa   taos   tons

p -   naps   pans   pant   past   pats   snap   span   spat   taps

q -   qats

r -   arts   rant   rats   star   tarn   tars   tsar

s -   ants   sans   tans   tass

t -   ants   stat   tans   tats

u -   anus   aunt   nuts   stun   taus   tuna   tuns   utas

v -   tavs   vans   vast   vats

w -   awns   sawn   snaw   staw   swan   swat   taws   twas   wans   want   wast   wats

y -   nays   stay

3 letters

a -   aas   ana   ant   sat   tan   tas

b -   abs   ban   bas   bat   nab   sab   tab

c -   act   can   cat   sac

d -   ads   and   sad   tad

e -   ane   ate   eat   ens   eta   nae   net   sae   sea   sen   set   tae   tea   ten

f -   aft   fan   fas   fat

g -   gan   gas   gat   nag   sag   tag

h -   ash   has   hat   nah   nth   sha

i -   ain   ais   ait   ani   ins   its   nit   sin   sit   tin   tis

j -   taj

k -   ask   kas   kat   ska   tsk

l -   als   alt   las   lat   sal

m -   man   mas   mat   nam   tam

n -   ant   nan   tan

o -   nos   not   oat   ons   son   sot   tao   ton

p -   apt   asp   nap   pan   pas   pat   sap   spa   tap

q -   qat

r -   ars   art   ran   ras   rat   tar

s -   ass   sat   tas

t -   ant   att   sat   tan   tas   tat

u -   nus   nut   sau   sun   tau   tun   uns   uta   uts

v -   tav   van   vas   vat

w -   awn   naw   saw   taw   twa   wan   was   wat

x -   sax   tax

y -   any   ays   nay   say   sty   syn

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