Words formed from any letters in affectioned, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

11 letters

10 letters

9 letters

8 letters

k - anticked  

7 letters

e - defence  

6 letters

e - effete  

r - adrift   adroit   aeried   afford   afreet   airted   aortic   ardent   aroint   atoner   candor   canter   cantor   careen   caried   carnet   carnie   carted   carton   cedarn   center   centra   centre   cerate   cerite   cinder   citron   coater   coffer   coiner   confer   contra   cornea   corned   cornet   cortin   craned   crated   craton   create   credit   cretin   dafter   dancer   deafer   dearie   decare   decern   defier   defter   deicer   denari   denier   derate   dieter   differ   dinero   direct   doffer   dotier   earned   ecarte   editor   effort   encore   endear   entera   entire   erotic   factor   faerie   fainer   faired   farced   farcie   farted   feared   feater   fedora   fencer   fender   feriae   ferine   fiacre   fierce   finder   fonder   forced   forint   fracti   friend   infare   inroad   ironed   nacred   neared   neater   nectar   nereid   niffer   nordic   norite   ocreae   orated   orcein   ordain   oreide   orient   ornate   rafted   rained   rancid   ranted   ratine   ration   recane   recant   recent   recite   recode   recoin   redact   redate   redfin   rediae   redone   reedit   reface   refect   reffed   refind   refine   reined   rented   retain   retied   retina   retine   rident   riffed   rifted   rioted   roadie   rodent   tanrec   tariff   teared   tender   tenrec   teredo   tierce   tiered   tinder   tirade   tonier   traced   trance   triced   triene   trined   triode  

5 letters

f - feoff  

s - acids   acnes   adios   adits   aedes   aeons   aides   anise   antes   antis   ascot   asdic   aside   cades   cadis   cafes   caffs   caids   cains   canes   canso   canst   cants   cased   caste   cates   cease   cedes   cedis   cense   cents   cesta   cesti   cetes   cines   cions   cites   coast   coats   codas   codes   coeds   coffs   coifs   coins   cones   coset   cosie   costa   cotes   daces   daffs   dates   datos   deans   decos   deets   defis   deist   denes   dense   dents   dices   diets   dines   dints   disco   ditas   dites   doats   doest   doffs   doits   donas   dotes   eased   edits   eidos   eosin   escot   etnas   faces   facts   fades   fados   fanes   fanos   fates   fatso   fease   feast   feats   feces   feeds   feist   fends   feods   fetas   fetes   fiats   fices   fidos   fiefs   fifes   finds   fines   finos   foins   foist   fonds   fonts   icons   ideas   infos   inset   iotas   naifs   nates   neats   needs   neifs   neist   nides   nites   nodes   noise   nosed   notes   odist   onces   onset   ostia   saice   saint   saned   santo   sated   satin   scant   scena   scend   scene   scent   scion   scoff   scone   sedan   seine   sente   senti   setae   seton   since   sited   snide   sniff   sodic   softa   sonde   sonic   stade   staff   staid   stain   stand   stane   stead   steed   stein   steno   stied   stiff   stoae   stoai   stoic   stone   taces   tacos   tains   tease   teens   teffs   tends   tense   tides   tiffs   tines   toads   toeas   toffs   tones   tsade   tsadi  

4 letters

c - ceca   coca  

q - qaid  

3 letters

a - ana  

n - inn   nan  

q - qat  

2 letters

a - aa  

b - ab   ba   be   bi   bo  

g - ag   go  

h - ah   eh   ha   he   hi   ho   oh  

j - jo  

k - ka  

l - al   el   la   li   lo  

m - am   em   ma   me   mi   mo   om  

p - op   pa   pe   pi  

r - ar   er   or   re  

s - as   es   is   os   si   so  

u - nu   un   ut  

w - aw   ow   we   wo  

x - ax   ex   ox   xi  

y - ay   oy   ya   ye   yo