More Words

Words formed from any letters in actings, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

h -   scathing

k -   stacking

l -   castling   catlings

n -   scanting

o -   agnostic   coasting   coatings

r -   scarting   tracings

s -   castings

t -   scatting

7 letters

a -   actings   against   agnatic   antisag   casting   satanic

b -   basting

c -   actings   casting

d -   discant

e -   acetins   cagiest   ceasing   cineast   easting   eatings   incages   ingates   ingesta   seating   teasing

f -   facings   fasting

g -   actings   casting   gasting   staging

h -   cashing   chasing   gnathic   hasting

i -   actings   casting

k -   anticks   casking   catkins   sacking   skating   staking   tacking   takings   tasking

l -   catling   catlins   lacings   lasting   salting   scaling   slating   staling   talcing   tincals

m -   masting   matings

n -   actings   antings   canting   casting   incants   staning   stannic

o -   actions   agonist   atonics   cations   coating   costing   gitanos   gnostic

p -   catnips   pasting   scaping   spacing

r -   carting   crating   gastric   gastrin   gratins   narcist   racings   ratings   sacring   scaring   staring   tracing   tragics

s -   actings   casings   casting

t -   actings   casting   catting   stating   tasting

u -   causing   saucing

v -   cavings   staving

w -   tawsing   wasting

y -   staying   stygian

6 letters

a -   acting   actins   antics   casing   casita   gainst   giants   nastic   sancta   satang   sating   taigas

b -   basing   bating   cabins

c -   acting   actins   antics   cantic   casing   nastic   siccan

d -   canids   dating   dicast   nicads

e -   acetin   ageist   agents   ascent   casein   centai   centas   easing   eating   enacts   enatic   gestic   incage   incase   incest   ingate   ingest   insect   nicest   secant   signet   stance   tenias   tineas   tinges   tisane

f -   facing   fagins   faints   fating

g -   acting   agings   caging   casing   gainst   gating   giants   sating

h -   aching   ashing   canthi   chains   changs   chants   chinas   chints   hating   nights   shanti   snatch   snitch   stanch   things

i -   acting   actins   anisic   antics   casing   casini   citing   gainst   giants   icings   isatin   nastic   sating   siting

k -   antick   asking   caking   catkin   gaskin   kiangs   taking   takins   tsking

l -   algins   aligns   catlin   clangs   clings   gaslit   glacis   glints   instal   lacing   lasing   liangs   ligans   linacs   lingas   signal   ticals   tincal

m -   gamins   macing   magics   manics   mantic   mantis   mastic   mating   matins   misact   stigma   taming

n -   acting   actins   antics   anting   caning   casing   gainst   giants   incant   nastic   saning   sating   tannic

o -   action   agonic   atonic   cantos   casino   cation   coatis   coigns   congas   cosign   cotans   coting   gascon   gitano   incogs   ingots   octans   scotia   stingo   tangos   tigons   tocsin   tongas   tonics

p -   catnip   pacing   paints   panics   patins   pintas   ptisan   taping

r -   arcing   cairns   caring   cigars   crista   grains   grants   gratin   gratis   instar   racing   racist   rasing   rating   santir   strain   strang   string   taring   tragic   trains   triacs

s -   actins   agists   angsts   antics   assign   casing   gainst   giants   nastic   saints   sating   satins   scants   staigs   stains   stangs   stings

t -   acting   actins   antics   attics   gainst   giants   intact   nastic   sating   static   taints   tanist   tincts   titans

u -   acinus   cantus   cutins   tunica   tunics

v -   caving   saving   vincas

w -   cawing   sawing   tawing   twains   twangs   wigans

x -   taxing

y -   sanity   satiny   saying   scanty   stingy   stying

5 letters

a -   acing   actin   again   agist   angas   angst   antas   antic   antis   cains   canst   cants   gains   gaits   giant   gnats   saiga   saint   sanga   satin   scant   staig   stain   stang   taiga   tains   tangs

b -   baits   bangs   basic   basin   bints   cabin   nabis   sabin

c -   acing   actin   antic   cacti   cains   canst   cants   scant

d -   acids   adits   asdic   cadis   caids   canid   dangs   dicta   dings   dints   ditas   gadis   nicad   staid   stand   tsadi

e -   acnes   aegis   agent   anise   antes   cages   canes   caste   cates   cents   cesta   cesti   cines   cites   enact   entia   etnas   gates   genic   gents   getas   inset   nates   neats   neist   nites   saice   scena   scent   segni   sengi   senti   since   singe   stage   stane   stein   taces   tenia   tinea   tines   tinge

f -   facts   fagin   faint   fangs   fiats   gifts   naifs

g -   acing   aging   agist   angst   gains   gaits   gangs   giant   gigas   gnats   staig   stang   sting   tangs   tings

h -   aitch   chain   chang   chant   chats   chias   china   chins   chits   ghast   ghats   gnash   hangs   hants   hints   natch   nighs   night   saith   sangh   sight   snath   stich   tachs   thing   thins

i -   acing   acini   actin   agist   antic   antis   cains   gains   gaits   giant   icing   intis   saint   satin   staig   stain   sting   tains   tings

k -   ginks   ikats   kains   kiang   kinas   kings   knits   nicks   skint   snack   snick   stack   stank   stick   stink   tacks   takin   tanks   ticks

l -   algin   align   alist   anils   clags   clang   clans   clast   cling   clits   gilts   glans   glias   glint   laics   liang   ligan   linac   linga   lings   lints   litas   nails   salic   slain   slang   slant   sling   snail   tails   talcs   tical

m -   agism   amins   amnic   gamic   gamin   magic   mains   maist   manic   matin   micas   minas   mints   sigma   tamis

n -   acing   actin   angst   antic   antis   cains   canst   cants   gains   giant   gnats   saint   satin   scant   stain   stang   sting   tains   tangs   tings

o -   agios   agons   ascot   canso   canto   cions   coast   coati   coats   coign   coins   conga   costa   cotan   goats   gonia   icons   incog   ingot   iotas   octan   ontic   ostia   santo   scion   sonic   stoai   stoic   tacos   tango   tigon   togas   tonga   tongs   tonic

p -   aping   aspic   inapt   nipas   pacts   pains   paint   pangs   panic   pants   patin   pians   picas   pinas   pings   pinta   pints   pitas   spait   spang   spica   tapis

r -   airns   airts   astir   cairn   carns   carts   cigar   crags   garni   girns   girts   gnars   grain   grans   grant   grins   grist   grits   narcs   naric   naris   ragis   rains   ranis   rants   riant   rings   sarin   scart   scrag   sitar   stair   stria   tarns   tarsi   tragi   train   trans   triac   trigs

s -   agist   angst   antis   cains   canst   cants   casts   cists   gains   gaits   gasts   gists   gnats   sains   saint   sasin   satin   satis   scags   scans   scant   scats   signs   sings   snags   snits   stags   staig   stain   stang   sting   tains   tangs   tings

t -   actin   agist   angst   antic   antis   attic   canst   cants   gaits   giant   gnats   saint   satin   scant   scatt   staig   stain   stang   sting   stint   tacit   tacts   tains   taint   tangs   tinct   tings   tints   titan

u -   aunts   cuing   cunts   cutin   cutis   gaunt   guans   ictus   incus   scuta   stung   suing   suint   tunas   tungs   tunic   unais   uncia   units   using

v -   savin   vangs   vatic   vigas   vinas   vinca   vista

w -   awing   gnaws   swain   swang   swing   twain   twang   twigs   twins   wains   waist   waits   wants   wigan   wings   witan

x -   axing   taxis

y -   antsy   ayins   canty   cyans   nasty   stagy   tangy   tansy   tying   yagis   yangs

z -   nazis   zincs   zings

4 letters

a -   acta   acts   agas   agin   ains   aits   anas   anga   anis   ansa   anta   anti   ants   asci   cain   cans   cant   casa   cast   cats   gain   gait   gast   gats   gnat   nags   saga   sain   sang   sati   scag   scan   scat   snag   stag   tags   tain   tang   tans

b -   bags   bait   bang   bani   bans   bast   bats   bias   bigs   bins   bint   bits   cabs   gabs   gibs   isba   nabs   nibs   scab   snib   stab   tabs

c -   acts   asci   cain   cans   cant   cast   cats   cigs   cist   scag   scan   scat   tics

d -   acid   adit   aids   ands   cadi   cads   caid   dags   dais   dang   digs   ding   dins   dint   disc   dita   dits   gadi   gads   gids   sadi   said   sand   scad   tads

e -   aces   acne   ages   anes   ante   ates   cage   cane   case   cate   cent   cine   cite   east   eats   egis   engs   etas   etic   etna   gaen   gaes   gane   gate   gens   gent   gest   geta   gets   gien   gies   ices   neat   nest   nets   nice   nite   sage   sane   sate   seat   sect   sent   seta   sice   sine   site   tace   teas   tegs   tens   ties   tine

f -   fact   fags   fain   fang   fans   fast   fats   fiat   figs   fins   fisc   fist   fits   gift   naif   sift

g -   agin   cigs   gags   gain   gait   gang   gast   gats   giga   gigs   gins   gist   gits   gnat   nags   sang   scag   sign   sing   snag   stag   tags   tang   ting

h -   cash   chat   chia   chin   chis   chit   gash   ghat   ghis   hags   hang   hant   hast   hats   hins   hint   hisn   hist   hits   ichs   inch   itch   nigh   shag   shat   shin   shit   sigh   sinh   sith   tach   than   thin   this

i -   agin   ains   aits   anis   anti   asci   cain   cigs   cist   gain   gait   gins   gist   gits   inia   inti   nisi   nits   sain   sati   sign   sing   snit   tain   tics   ting   tins

j -   jags   jigs   jins

k -   akin   cask   gink   ikat   inks   kain   kats   kina   king   kins   kist   kits   knit   nick   sack   saki   sank   sick   sink   skag   skat   skin   skit   tack   tank   task   tick

l -   ails   alit   alts   anil   clag   clan   clit   gals   gilt   glia   lacs   lags   laic   lain   lang   last   lati   lats   ling   lins   lint   list   lits   nail   nils   sail   salt   sial   silt   slag   slat   slit   tail   talc   tali   tils

m -   aims   amin   amis   cams   gams   macs   magi   mags   main   mans   mast   mats   mica   migs   mina   mint   mist   nims   scam   sima   smit   tams

n -   agin   ains   anis   anti   ants   cain   cans   cant   gain   gins   gnat   inns   nags   nans   nits   sain   sang   scan   sign   sing   snag   snit   tain   tang   tans   ting   tins

o -   agio   agon   ciao   cion   coat   cogs   coin   coni   cons   cost   cots   goas   goat   icon   into   ions   iota   naoi   naos   nogs   nota   oast   oats   ocas   otic   sago   scot   snog   snot   song   stoa   taco   taos   toga   togs   tong   tons

p -   caps   gaps   gasp   gips   naps   nipa   nips   pacs   pact   pain   pang   pans   pant   past   pats   pian   pias   pica   pics   pigs   pina   ping   pins   pint   pita   pits   snap   snip   span   spat   spic   spin   spit   taps   tips

q -   qats

r -   airn   airs   airt   arcs   arts   carn   cars   cart   crag   cris   gars   girn   girt   gnar   gran   grat   grin   grit   narc   ragi   rags   rain   rang   rani   rant   rats   rias   rigs   ring   rins   sari   scar   star   stir   tarn   tars   trig   tsar

s -   acts   ains   aits   anis   ants   asci   cans   cast   cats   cigs   cist   gast   gats   gins   gist   gits   nags   nits   sacs   sags   sain   sang   sans   sati   scag   scan   scat   sics   sign   sing   sins   sits   snag   snit   stag   tags   tans   tass   tics   tins

t -   acts   aits   anti   ants   cant   cast   cats   cist   gait   gast   gats   gist   gits   gnat   nits   sati   scat   snit   stag   stat   tact   tags   tain   tang   tans   tats   tics   ting   tins   tint   tits

u -   anus   aunt   cunt   cuts   gaun   gnus   guan   guns   gust   guts   nuts   scut   snug   stun   suit   sung   taus   tugs   tuis   tuna   tung   tuns   unai   unci   unit   utas

v -   tavs   vacs   vagi   vain   vang   vans   vast   vats   viga   vigs   vina   visa   vita

w -   awns   caws   gnaw   sawn   snaw   staw   swag   swan   swat   swig   taws   twas   twig   twin   wags   wain   wait   wans   want   wast   wats   wigs   wing   wins   wist   wits

x -   axis   taxi

y -   ayin   cagy   cays   city   cyan   cyst   gays   nays   sagy   stay   sync   tiny   tyin   yagi   yang   yins

z -   nazi   zags   zigs   zinc   zing   zins   zits

3 letters

a -   aas   act   aga   ain   ais   ait   ana   ani   ant   can   cat   gan   gas   gat   nag   sac   sag   sat   tag   tan   tas

b -   abs   bag   ban   bas   bat   big   bin   bis   bit   cab   gab   gib   nab   nib   sab   sib   tab

c -   act   can   cat   cig   cis   sac   sic   tic

d -   ads   aid   and   cad   dag   dig   din   dis   dit   gad   gid   ids   sad   tad

e -   ace   age   ane   ate   eat   eng   ens   eta   gae   gen   get   gie   ice   nae   net   sae   sea   sec   seg   sei   sen   set   tae   tea   teg   ten   tie

f -   aft   fag   fan   fas   fat   fig   fin   fit   ifs

g -   cig   gag   gan   gas   gat   gig   gin   git   nag   sag   tag

h -   ash   chi   ghi   hag   has   hat   hic   hin   his   hit   ich   nah   nth   sha

i -   ain   ais   ait   ani   cig   cis   gin   git   ins   its   nit   sic   sin   sit   tic   tin   tis

j -   jag   jig   jin   taj

k -   ask   ick   ink   kas   kat   kin   kit   ska   ski   tsk

l -   ail   als   alt   gal   lac   lag   las   lat   lin   lis   lit   nil   sal   til

m -   aim   ami   cam   gam   ism   mac   mag   man   mas   mat   mig   mis   nam   nim   sim   tam

n -   ain   ani   ant   can   gan   gin   inn   ins   nag   nan   nit   sin   tan   tin

o -   ago   cog   con   cos   cot   goa   gos   got   ion   nog   nos   not   oat   oca   ons   son   sot   tao   tog   ton

p -   apt   asp   cap   gap   gip   nap   nip   pac   pan   pas   pat   pia   pic   pig   pin   pis   pit   psi   sap   sip   spa   tap   tip

q -   qat

r -   air   arc   ars   art   car   gar   rag   ran   ras   rat   ria   rig   rin   sir   sri   tar

s -   ais   ass   cis   gas   ins   its   sac   sag   sat   sic   sin   sis   sit   tas   tis

t -   act   ait   ant   att   cat   gat   git   its   nit   sat   sit   tag   tan   tas   tat   tic   tin   tis   tit

u -   cut   gnu   gun   gut   nus   nut   sau   sun   tau   tug   tui   tun   uns   uta   uts

v -   tav   vac   van   vas   vat   via   vig   vis

w -   awn   caw   naw   saw   taw   twa   wag   wan   was   wat   wig   win   wis   wit

x -   nix   sax   six   tax   xis

y -   any   ays   cay   gay   icy   nay   say   sty   syn   yin

z -   zag   zig   zin   zit

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