Definitions of ye

The word ye uses 2 letters:ey.

YE is playable in:

Words With Friends4
Scrabble US5
Scrabble UK5

- Alt. of Ye 2

- an old method of printing the article the (AS. /e), the "y" being used in place of the Anglo-Saxon thorn (/). It is sometimes incorrectly pronounced ye. See The, and Thorn, n., 4. 2

n. - An eye. 2

pron. - The plural of the pronoun of the second person in the nominative case. 2

adv. - Yea; yes. 2

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Words found within ye through unscramble

No unscramble words found in Words With Friends word list.

Words formed by adding one letter

a - aye5 yea5

b - bey8 bye8

d - dey6 dye6

e - eye5

f - fey8

g - gey7

h - hey7 yeh7

k - key9

l - ley6 lye6

p - pye8 yep8

r - rye5

t - tye5 yet5

w - wye8 yew8

n - yen6

s - yes5

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