Definitions of verbal

The word verbal uses 6 letters:abelrv.

VERBAL is playable in:

Words With Friends14
Scrabble US11
Scrabble UK11

a. - Expressed in words, whether spoken or written, but commonly in spoken words; hence, spoken; oral; not written; as, a verbal contract; verbal testimony. 2

a. - Consisting in, or having to do with, words only; dealing with words rather than with the ideas intended to be conveyed; as, a verbal critic; a verbal change. 2

a. - Having word answering to word; word for word; literal; as, a verbal translation. 2

a. - Abounding with words; verbose. 2

a. - Of or pertaining to a verb; as, a verbal group; derived directly from a verb; as, a verbal noun; used in forming verbs; as, a verbal prefix. 2

n. - A noun derived from a verb. 2