Definitions of unite

The word unite uses 5 letters:eintu.

UNITE is playable in:

Words With Friends7
Scrabble US5
Scrabble UK5

v. t. - To put together so as to make one; to join, as two or more constituents, to form a whole; to combine; to connect; to join; to cause to adhere; as, to unite bricks by mortar; to unite iron bars by welding; to unite two armies. 2

v. t. - Hence, to join by a legal or moral bond, as families by marriage, nations by treaty, men by opinions; to join in interest, affection, fellowship, or the like; to cause to agree; to harmonize; to associate; to attach. 2

v. i. - To become one; to be cemented or consolidated; to combine, as by adhesion or mixture; to coalesce; to grow together. 2

v. i. - To join in an act; to concur; to act in concert; as, all parties united in signing the petition. 2

v. t. - United; joint; as, unite consent. 2


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