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Definitions of tonsure
n. - The act of clipping the hair, or of shaving the crown of the head; also, the state of being shorn. 2
n. - The first ceremony used for devoting a person to the service of God and the church; the first degree of the clericate, given by a bishop, abbot, or cardinal priest, consisting in cutting off the hair from a circular space at the back of the head, with prayers and benedictions; hence, entrance or admission into minor orders. 2
n. - The shaven corona, or crown, which priests wear as a mark of their order and of their rank. 2

The word "tonsure" uses 7 letters: E N O R S T U.

Direct anagrams of tonsure:

Words formed by adding one letter before or after tonsure (in bold), or to enorstu in any order:
a -   outearns   b -   burstone   c -   construe   counters   recounts   trounces   d -   roundest   tonsured   unsorted   f -   fortunes   g -   sturgeon   h -   southern   i -   routines   snoutier   l -   turnsole   m -   mounters   remounts   n -   neutrons   o -   outsnore   s -   tonsures   y -   tourneys  

Shorter words found within tonsure:
en   ens   eon   eons   er   ern   erns   eros   ers   erst   es   et   euro   euros   ne   nerts   nest   nestor   net   nets   no   noes   nor   nos   nose   not   note   noter   noters   notes   nous   nu   nurse   nus   nut   nuts   oe   oes   on   one   ones   ons   onset   onus   or   ore   ores   ors   ort   orts   os   ose   our   ours   oust   ouster   out   outer   outers   outre   outs   re   rent   rents   res   rest   ret   rets   roe   roes   rose   roset   rot   rote   rotes   rots   roue   rouen   rouens   roues   rouse   roust   rout   route   routes   routs   rue   rues   run   rune   runes   runs   runt   runts   ruse   rust   rut   ruts   sen   senor   sent   ser   set   seton   snore   snort   snot   snout   so   son   sone   sore   sorn   sort   sot   sou   sour   souter   steno   stern   stone   stoner   store   stour   stoure   stun   sue   suer   suet   sun   sure   ten   tenor   tenors   tenour   tens   tensor   tern   terns   to   toe   toes   ton   tone   toner   toners   tones   tons   tonus   tor   tore   tores   torn   tors   torse   torus   tour   tours   touse   trone   trones   true   trues   tun   tune   tuner   tuners   tunes   tuns   turn   turns   un   unrest   uns   unset   unto   urn   urns   us   use   user   ut   uts  

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