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Definition of talipes
n. - The deformity called clubfoot. See Clubfoot. 2

The word "talipes" uses 7 letters: A E I L P S T.

Direct anagrams of talipes:
  aplites   paliest   platies

Words formed by adding one letter before or after talipes (in bold), or to aeilpst in any order:
a -   stapelia   b -   epiblast   c -   septical   tieclasp   d -   talipeds   f -   fleapits   h -   haplites   l -   palliest   pastille   m -   palmiest   n -   panelist   pantiles   plainest   o -   spoliate   r -   pilaster   plaister   plaiters   t -   platiest  

Shorter words found within talipes:
ae   ai   ail   ails   ais   aisle   ait   aits   al   ale   ales   alist   alit   alp   alps   als   alt   alts   ape   apes   aplite   apse   apt   as   asp   at   ate   ates   east   eat   eats   el   els   es   espial   et   eta   etas   ilea   is   isle   islet   istle   it   its   la   lap   lapis   laps   lapse   las   lase   last   lat   late   lati   lats   lea   leap   leaps   leapt   leas   least   lei   leis   lept   lepta   lest   let   lets   li   lie   lies   lip   lipa   lipase   lipe   lips   lis   lisp   list   lit   litas   lite   lits   pa   pail   pails   paise   pal   pale   pales   palest   palet   palets   pals   pas   pase   past   paste   pastel   pastie   pastil   pat   pate   pates   pats   pe   pea   peal   peals   peas   peat   peats   pelt   pelts   pes   pest   pet   petal   petals   pets   petsai   pi   pia   pial   pias   pie   pies   pieta   pietas   pile   pilea   piles   pis   piste   pit   pita   pitas   pits   plait   plaits   plat   plate   plates   plats   plea   pleas   pleat   pleats   plie   plies   psi   sae   sail   sal   sale   salep   salp   salt   saltie   sap   sat   sate   sati   sea   seal   seat   sei   sel   sepal   sepia   sept   septa   septal   set   seta   setal   si   sial   silt   sip   sipe   sit   site   slap   slat   slate   slept   slip   slipe   slipt   slit   spa   spae   spail   spait   spale   spat   spate   speil   spelt   spiel   spile   spilt   spit   spital   spite   splat   split   stale   staple   steal   stela   stelai   step   stile   stipe   stipel   ta   tae   tael   taels   tail   tails   tale   tales   tali   tap   tape   tapes   tapis   taps   tas   tea   teal   teals   teas   tel   tela   telia   tels   tepa   tepal   tepals   tepas   tesla   ti   tie   ties   til   tile   tiles   tils   tip   tips   tis  

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