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Definitions of step

The word "step" uses 4 letters: epst.

n. - At Eton College, England, a shallow step dividing the court into an inner and an outer portion. 2

a. - To move the foot in walking; to advance or recede by raising and moving one of the feet to another resting place, or by moving both feet in succession. 2

a. - To walk; to go on foot; esp., to walk a little distance; as, to step to one of the neighbors. 2

a. - To walk slowly, gravely, or resolutely. 2

a. - Fig.: To move mentally; to go in imagination. 2

v. t. - To set, as the foot. 2

v. t. - To fix the foot of (a mast) in its step; to erect. 2

v. i. - An advance or movement made by one removal of the foot; a pace. 2

v. i. - A rest, or one of a set of rests, for the foot in ascending or descending, as a stair, or a round of a ladder. 2

v. i. - The space passed over by one movement of the foot in walking or running; as, one step is generally about three feet, but may be more or less. Used also figuratively of any kind of progress; as, he improved step by step, or by steps. 2

v. i. - A small space or distance; as, it is but a step. 2

v. i. - A print of the foot; a footstep; a footprint; track. 2

v. i. - Gait; manner of walking; as, the approach of a man is often known by his step. 2

v. i. - Proceeding; measure; action; an act. 2

v. i. - Walk; passage. 2

v. i. - A portable framework of stairs, much used indoors in reaching to a high position. 2

v. i. - In general, a framing in wood or iron which is intended to receive an upright shaft; specif., a block of wood, or a solid platform upon the keelson, supporting the heel of the mast. 2

v. i. - One of a series of offsets, or parts, resembling the steps of stairs, as one of the series of parts of a cone pulley on which the belt runs. 2

v. i. - A bearing in which the lower extremity of a spindle or a vertical shaft revolves. 2

v. i. - The intervak between two contiguous degrees of the csale. 2

v. i. - A change of position effected by a motion of translation. 2

Direct anagrams of step:

pest pets sept

Words formed by adding one letter before or after step (in bold), or to epst in any order:

o - estop pesto poets stope topes a - paste pates peats septa spate tapes tepas l - pelts slept spelt s - pests septs steps y - pesty types i - piste spite stipe r - prest strep u - setup stupe upset n - spent e - steep w - swept m - temps

Shorter words found within step

es et pe pes pet set

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