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Definitions of Sore

The word "sore" uses 4 letters: eors.

n. - Reddish brown; sorrel. 2

n. - A young hawk or falcon in the first year. 2

n. - A young buck in the fourth year. See the Note under Buck. 2

superl. - Tender to the touch; susceptible of pain from pressure; inflamed; painful; -- said of the body or its parts; as, a sore hand. 2

superl. - Fig.: Sensitive; tender; easily pained, grieved, or vexed; very susceptible of irritation. 2

superl. - Severe; afflictive; distressing; as, a sore disease; sore evil or calamity. 2

superl. - Criminal; wrong; evil. 2

a. - A place in an animal body where the skin and flesh are ruptured or bruised, so as to be tender or painful; a painful or diseased place, such as an ulcer or a boil. 2

a. - Fig.: Grief; affliction; trouble; difficulty. 2

a. - In a sore manner; with pain; grievously. 2

a. - Greatly; violently; deeply. 2

Direct anagrams of sore:

eros ores roes rose

Words formed by adding one letter before or after sore (in bold), or to eors in any order:

a - arose b - bores brose robes sober c - ceros cores corse score d - doers doser redos resod rosed e - erose u - euros roues rouse f - fores froes g - goers gores gorse ogres h - heros hoers horse shoer shore l - lores loser orles roles sorel m - mores morse omers i - osier v - overs roves servo verso y - oyers yores p - pores poser prose repos ropes spore w - resow serow sower swore worse o - roose s - roses sores t - roset rotes store tores torse n - senor snore r - sorer z - zeros

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