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The word soak uses 4 letters:akos.

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v. t. - To cause or suffer to lie in a fluid till the substance has imbibed what it can contain; to macerate in water or other liquid; to steep, as for the purpose of softening or freshening; as, to soak cloth; to soak bread; to soak salt meat, salt fish, or the like. 2

v. t. - To drench; to wet thoroughly. 2

v. t. - To draw in by the pores, or through small passages; as, a sponge soaks up water; the skin soaks in moisture. 2

v. t. - To make (its way) by entering pores or interstices; -- often with through. 2

v. t. - Fig.: To absorb; to drain. 2

v. i. - To lie steeping in water or other liquid; to become sturated; as, let the cloth lie and soak. 2

v. i. - To enter (into something) by pores or interstices; as, water soaks into the earth or other porous matter. 2

v. i. - To drink intemperately or gluttonously. 2


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koas8 oaks8 okas8

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