Definitions of senate

The word senate uses 6 letters:aeenst.

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n. - An assembly or council having the highest deliberative and legislative functions. 2

n. - A body of elders appointed or elected from among the nobles of the nation, and having supreme legislative authority. 2

n. - The upper and less numerous branch of a legislature in various countries, as in France, in the United States, in most of the separate States of the United States, and in some Swiss cantons. 2

n. - In general, a legislative body; a state council; the legislative department of government. 2

n. - The governing body of the Universities of Cambridge and London. 2

n. - In some American colleges, a council of elected students, presided over by the president of the college, to which are referred cases of discipline and matters of general concern affecting the students. 2


Direct anagrams of senate

enates7 sateen7