Definitions of riddle

The word riddle uses 6 letters:ddeilr.

RIDDLE is playable in:

Words With Friends9
Scrabble US8
Scrabble UK8

n. - A sieve with coarse meshes, usually of wire, for separating coarser materials from finer, as chaff from grain, cinders from ashes, or gravel from sand. 2

n. - A board having a row of pins, set zigzag, between which wire is drawn to straighten it. 2

v. t. - To separate, as grain from the chaff, with a riddle; to pass through a riddle; as, riddle wheat; to riddle coal or gravel. 2

v. t. - To perforate so as to make like a riddle; to make many holes in; as, a house riddled with shot. 2

n. - Something proposed to be solved by guessing or conjecture; a puzzling question; an ambiguous proposition; an enigma; hence, anything ambiguous or puzzling. 2

v. t. - To explain; to solve; to unriddle. 2

v. i. - To speak ambiguously or enigmatically. 2


Direct anagrams of riddle

dirled9 dreidl9