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Definitions of realism
n. - As opposed to nominalism, the doctrine that genera and species are real things or entities, existing independently of our conceptions. According to realism the Universal exists ante rem (Plato), or in re (Aristotle). 2
n. - As opposed to idealism, the doctrine that in sense perception there is an immediate cognition of the external object, and our knowledge of it is not mediate and representative. 2
n. - Fidelity to nature or to real life; representation without idealization, and making no appeal to the imagination; adherence to the actual fact. 2

The word "realism" uses 7 letters: A E I L M R S.

Direct anagrams of realism:
  mailers   remails

Words formed by adding one letter before or after realism (in bold), or to aeilmrs in any order:
c -   claimers   miracles   reclaims   d -   dismaler   e -   measlier   g -   gremials   i -   ramilies   n -   marlines   minerals   mislearn   o -   moralise   p -   impalers   impearls   lempiras   s -   realisms   t -   lamister   marliest   marlites   misalter   y -   mislayer  

Shorter words found within realism:
ae   ai   ail   ails   aim   aimer   aimers   aims   air   airs   ais   aisle   al   ale   ales   alme   almes   alms   als   am   ami   amie   amies   amir   amirs   amis   ar   are   ares   ariel   ariels   aril   arils   arise   arles   arm   armies   arms   ars   arse   as   ear   earl   earls   ears   el   elm   elms   els   em   email   emails   emir   emirs   ems   er   era   eras   ers   es   ilea   ire   ires   is   isle   ism   la   lair   lairs   lam   lame   lamer   lames   lams   lar   lares   lari   laris   lars   las   lase   laser   lea   lear   lears   leas   lei   leis   li   liar   liars   lie   lier   liers   lies   lima   limas   lime   limes   lira   liras   lire   lis   ma   mae   maes   mail   maile   mailer   mailes   mails   mair   mairs   male   males   mar   mare   mares   marl   marls   mars   marse   mas   maser   me   meal   meals   mel   mels   merl   merls   mesa   mesial   mi   mil   mile   miler   milers   miles   mils   mir   mire   mires   mirs   mis   mise   miser   rail   rails   raise   rale   rales   ram   rami   ramie   ramies   rams   ras   rase   re   real   realm   realms   reals   ream   reams   rei   reis   rem   remail   rems   res   resail   ria   rial   rials   rias   riel   riels   rile   riles   rim   rime   rimes   rims   rise   sae   sail   sailer   sal   sale   salmi   same   samiel   sari   sea   seal   seam   sear   sei   sel   semi   ser   sera   serai   serail   seral   serial   si   sial   sim   sima   simar   sir   sire   slam   slier   slim   slime   smear   smile   smiler   sri  

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