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Definitions of range
n. - To set in a row, or in rows; to place in a regular line or lines, or in ranks; to dispose in the proper order; to rank; as, to range soldiers in line. 2
n. - To place (as a single individual) among others in a line, row, or order, as in the ranks of an army; -- usually, reflexively and figuratively, (in the sense) to espouse a cause, to join a party, etc. 2
n. - To separate into parts; to sift. 2
n. - To dispose in a classified or in systematic order; to arrange regularly; as, to range plants and animals in genera and species. 2
n. - To rove over or through; as, to range the fields. 2
n. - To sail or pass in a direction parallel to or near; as, to range the coast. 2
n. - To be native to, or to live in; to frequent. 2
v. i. - To rove at large; to wander without restraint or direction; to roam. 2
v. i. - To have range; to change or differ within limits; to be capable of projecting, or to admit of being projected, especially as to horizontal distance; as, the temperature ranged through seventy degrees Fahrenheit; the gun ranges three miles; the shot ranged four miles. 2
v. i. - To be placed in order; to be ranked; to admit of arrangement or classification; to rank. 2
v. i. - To have a certain direction; to correspond in direction; to be or keep in a corresponding line; to trend or run; -- often followed by with; as, the front of a house ranges with the street; to range along the coast. 2
v. i. - To be native to, or live in, a certain district or region; as, the peba ranges from Texas to Paraguay. 2
v. - A series of things in a line; a row; a rank; as, a range of buildings; a range of mountains. 2
v. - An aggregate of individuals in one rank or degree; an order; a class. 2
v. - The step of a ladder; a rung. 2
v. - A kitchen grate. 2
v. - An extended cooking apparatus of cast iron, set in brickwork, and affording conveniences for various ways of cooking; also, a kind of cooking stove. 2
v. - A bolting sieve to sift meal. 2
v. - A wandering or roving; a going to and fro; an excursion; a ramble; an expedition. 2
v. - That which may be ranged over; place or room for excursion; especially, a region of country in which cattle or sheep may wander and pasture. 2
v. - Extent or space taken in by anything excursive; compass or extent of excursion; reach; scope; discursive power; as, the range of one's voice, or authority. 2
v. - The region within which a plant or animal naturally lives. 2
v. - The horizontal distance to which a shot or other projectile is carried. 2
v. - Sometimes, less properly, the trajectory of a shot or projectile. 2
v. - A place where shooting, as with cannons or rifles, is practiced. 2
v. - In the public land system of the United States, a row or line of townships lying between two successive meridian lines six miles apart. 2
v. - See Range of cable, below. 2

The word "range" uses 5 letters: A E G N R.

Direct anagrams of range:
  anger   regna

Words formed by adding one letter before or after range (in bold), or to aegnr in any order:
b -   banger   graben   d -   danger   gander   garden   ranged   e -   enrage   genera   g -   ganger   grange   nagger   h -   hanger   rehang   i -   earing   gainer   reagin   regain   regina   l -   angler   regnal   m -   engram   german   manger   ragmen   o -   onager   orange   r -   garner   ranger   s -   angers   ranges   sanger   t -   argent   garnet   v -   graven   w -   gnawer   y -   anergy  

Shorter words found within range:
ae   ag   age   ager   an   ane   ar   are   ear   earn   en   eng   er   era   erg   ern   gae   gaen   gan   gane   gar   gear   gen   gnar   gran   na   nae   nag   ne   near   rag   rage   ran   rang   re   reg  

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