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Definition of quartenylic

The word "quartenylic" uses 11 letters: aceilnqrtuy.

a. - Pertaining to, or designating, an acid of the acrylic acid series, metameric with crotonic acid, and obtained as a colorless liquid; -- so called from having four carbon atoms in the molecule. Called also isocrotonic acid. 2

Shorter words found within quartenylic

ace acetin acne acre act actin ae ai ail ain air airn airt ait al ale alec alert alien aline aliner alit alt alter an ane ani anil anile ant ante anti antic antler antre ar arc are areic ariel aril art artel article at ate atelic cain cairn can cane caner cant canter cantle car care caret carl carle carlin carline carn carnet carnie cart carte cartel cat cate cater catlin ceil cel celt cent centai cental centra central ceratin ceria certain cine cire cite citer citral clan claret clarinet clean clear cleat client cline clit crane crate creatin cretin ear earl earn eat eclair eclat el elain elan elint en enact enatic entail entia er era erica ern et eta etic etna ice ilea ileac in inert inlace inlet inter irate ire it la lac lace lacer lacier laic lain lair lance lancer lancet lane lar lari larine lat late laten later lati latrine lea lean leant lear learn learnt lectin lei lent lentic let li liane liar lice lie lien lier lin linac line linear liner lint linter lira lire lit lite liter litre na nacre nae nail nailer narc naric ne near neat nectar net nice nicer nil nit nite niter nitre qat qintar race rail rain rale ran rance rani rant rat rate ratel ratine ratlin ratline re react real rec recant recital recta rectal recti rei rein reliant relic relict relit renail renal rent rental ret retail retain retia retial retina retinal ria rial riant rice rictal riel rile rin rite ta tace tacrine tae tael tail tailer tain talc tale taler tali tan tanrec tar tare tarn tea teal tear tel tela telia telic ten tenail tenia terai tern ti tic tical tie tier til tile tiler tin tincal tine tinea tineal tire tirl trace trail train trance tranq trenail triac trial trice trinal trine

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