Definitions of quadrature

The word quadrature uses 10 letters:aadeqrrtuu.

QUADRATURE is playable in:

Words With Friends22
Scrabble US20
Scrabble UK20

a. - The act of squaring; the finding of a square having the same area as some given curvilinear figure; as, the quadrature of a circle; the operation of finding an expression for the area of a figure bounded wholly or in part by a curved line, as by a curve, two ordinates, and the axis of abscissas. 2

a. - A quadrate; a square. 2

a. - The integral used in obtaining the area bounded by a curve; hence, the definite integral of the product of any function of one variable into the differential of that variable. 2

a. - The position of one heavenly body in respect to another when distant from it 90?, or a quarter of a circle, as the moon when at an equal distance from the points of conjunction and opposition. 2

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