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The word plain uses 5 letters:ailnp.

PLAIN is playable in:

Words With Friends10
Scrabble US7
Scrabble UK7

v. i. - To lament; to bewail; to complain. 2

v. t. - To lament; to mourn over; as, to plain a loss. 2

superl. - Without elevations or depressions; flat; level; smooth; even. See Plane. 2

superl. - Open; clear; unencumbered; equal; fair. 2

superl. - Not intricate or difficult; evident; manifest; obvious; clear; unmistakable. 2

superl. - Void of extraneous beauty or ornament; without conspicious embellishment; not rich; simple. 2

superl. - Not highly cultivated; unsophisticated; free from show or pretension; simple; natural; homely; common. 2

superl. - Free from affectation or disguise; candid; sincere; artless; honest; frank. 2

superl. - Not luxurious; not highly seasoned; simple; as, plain food. 2

superl. - Without beauty; not handsome; homely; as, a plain woman. 2

superl. - Not variegated, dyed, or figured; as, plain muslin. 2

superl. - Not much varied by modulations; as, a plain tune. 2

adv. - In a plain manner; plainly. 2

a. - Level land; usually, an open field or a broad stretch of land with an even surface, or a surface little varied by inequalities; as, the plain of Jordan; the American plains, or prairies. 2

a. - A field of battle. 2

v. - To plane or level; to make plain or even on the surface. 2

v. - To make plain or manifest; to explain. 2

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