Definitions of pi

The word pi uses 2 letters:ip.

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n. - A Greek letter (/, /) corresponding to the Roman letter P. 2

n. - Specif.: (Math.) The letter /, /, as used to denote the number or quotient approximately expressing the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter; also, the quotient or the ratio itself. The value of the quotient pi, to eight decimal places, is 3.14159265. The quotient pi cannot be expressed as a root of an algebraic equation; and from this fact follows the impossibility of the quadrature of the circle by purely algebraic processes, or by the aid of a ruler and compass. 2

n. - A mass of type confusedly mixed or unsorted. 2

v. t. - To put into a mixed and disordered condition, as type; to mix and disarrange the type of; as, to pi a form. 2

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h - hip8 phi8

m - imp9

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p - pip9

s - pis6 psi6 sip6

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