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Definition of patines
plural of patine 1

The word "patines" uses 7 letters: A E I N P S T.

Direct anagrams of patines:
  panties   sapient   spinate

Words formed by adding one letter before or after patines (in bold), or to aeinpst in any order:
b -   bepaints   d -   depaints   h -   thespian   l -   panelist   pantiles   plainest   o -   saponite   p -   nappiest   r -   painters   pantries   pertains   pinaster   pristane   repaints   s -   steapsin   t -   patients   u -   petunias   supinate   y -   epinasty  

Shorter words found within patines:
ae   ai   ain   ains   ais   ait   aits   an   ane   anes   ani   anis   anise   ant   ante   antes   anti   antis   ants   ape   apes   apse   apt   as   asp   aspen   at   ate   ates   east   eat   eats   en   ens   entia   es   et   eta   etas   etna   etnas   in   inapt   inept   ins   inset   instep   is   it   its   na   nae   nap   nape   napes   naps   nates   ne   neap   neaps   neat   neats   neist   nest   net   nets   nip   nipa   nipas   nips   nit   nite   nites   nits   pa   pain   pains   paint   paints   paise   pan   pane   panes   pans   pant   pantie   pants   pas   pase   past   paste   pastie   pat   pate   paten   patens   pates   patin   patine   patins   pats   pe   pea   pean   peans   peas   peat   peats   pein   peins   pen   penis   pens   pent   pes   pest   pet   pets   petsai   pi   pia   pian   pians   pias   pie   pies   pieta   pietas   pin   pina   pinas   pine   pines   pineta   pins   pint   pinta   pintas   pints   pis   piste   pit   pita   pitas   pits   psi   ptisan   sae   sain   saint   sane   sap   sat   sate   sati   satin   sea   seat   sei   sen   sent   senti   sepia   sept   septa   set   seta   si   sin   sine   sip   sipe   sit   site   snap   sneap   snip   snipe   snit   spa   spae   spait   span   spat   spate   spean   spent   spin   spine   spinet   spit   spite   stain   stane   stein   step   stipe   ta   tae   tain   tains   tan   tans   tap   tape   tapes   tapis   taps   tas   tea   teas   ten   tenia   tenias   tens   tepa   tepas   ti   tie   ties   tin   tine   tinea   tineas   tines   tins   tip   tips   tis   tisane  

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