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Definition of panegyrist

The word "panegyrist" uses 10 letters: aeginprsty.

n. - One who delivers a panegyric; a eulogist; one who extols or praises, either by writing or speaking. 2

Words formed by adding one letter before or after panegyrist (in bold), or to aeginprsty in any order:

s - panegyrists t - tapestrying

Shorter words found within panegyrist

ae aegis ag age ageist agent agents ager agers ages agin agist ai aigret aigrets ain ains air airest airn airns airs airt airts ais ait aits an ane anes anestri anger angers angriest angst ani anis anise ant ante antes anti antis antre antres ants antsier ape aper apers apes aping apres apse apt apter ar are ares argent argents arise arisen arpen arpens arpent arpents ars arse arsine art arts as asp aspen asper aspire aster astern astir astringe at ate ates atrip ear earing earings earn earns ears easing east easting eat eating eatings eats egis en eng engirt engs enrapt ens entia entrap entraps er era eras erasing erg ergs ern erns ers erst es esprit estrin et eta etas etna etnas gae gaen gaes gain gainer gainers gains gainst gait gaiter gaiters gaits gan gane ganister gantries gap gape gaper gapers gapes gaps gar garnet garnets garni gars gas gasp gasper gast gaster gastrin gat gate gates gats gear gears gen genip genips gens gent gents gest get geta getas gets giant giants gie gien gies gin gins gip gips girn girns girt girts gist git gits gnar gnars gnat gnats grain grains gran granite granites grans grant grants grape grapes grapiest grasp grat grate grates gratin gratine gratins gratis great greats grin grins grip gripe gripes grips gript grist grit grits in inapt inept inert inerts ingate ingates ingest ingesta ingrate ingrates ins insert inset instar instep inter inters irate ire ires is it its na nae nag nags nap nape napes naps nares naris nastier nates ne neap neaps near nears neat neats neist nerts nest net nets nip nipa nipas nips nit nite niter niters nites nitre nitres nits pa page pager pagers pages pain pains paint painter painters paints pair pairs paise pan pane panes pang pangs panier paniers pans pant pantie panties pantries pants par pare parent parents pares parge parges parget pargets paries paring parings paris pars parse parsing part parties parting partings parts pas pase past paste paster pastern pastie pastier pasting pat pate paten patens pater paters pates patin patine patines patins pats pe pea peag peags pean peans pear pears peart peas peat peats peg pegs pein peins pen penis pens pent per peri peris pert pertain pertains pes pest pet pets petsai pi pia pian pians pias piaster piastre pie pier piers pies pieta pietas pig pigs pin pina pinas pinaster pine pines pineta ping pinger pingers pings pins pint pinta pintas pints pirate pirates pirn pirns pis piste pit pita pitas pits praise prang prangs prase prat prate prates prating prats presa prest pries priest prig prigs print prints prise pristane psi pterin pterins ptisan rag rage rages ragi ragis rags rain rains raise ran rang range ranges rangiest rani ranis rant rants rap rape rapes rapine rapines raping rapist raps rapt ras rase rasing rasp rasping rat rate rates ratine ratines rating ratings rats re reagin reagins reap reaping reaps reg regain regains regina reginas regna regs rei reign reigns rein reins reis renig renigs rent rents rep repaint repaints repast repin repins reps res resign resin rest resting ret retag retags retain retains retaping retia retina retinas rets retsina ria riant rias rig rigs rin ring rings rins rinse rip ripe ripen ripens ripes ripest rips rise risen rite rites sae sag sage sager sagier sain saint sane saner sang sanger santir sap sapient sarge sari sarin sat sate sati satin sating satire sea seagirt sear searing seat seating seg segni sei sen sengi sent senti sepia sept septa ser sera serai serin sering seringa set seta si sign signer signet sin sine sing singe singer sinter sip sipe sir sire siren sit sitar site snag snap snare sneap snip snipe sniper snit spa spae spaeing spait span spang spar spare sparge sparing spat spate spean spear spearing speir spent spier spin spinage spinate spine spinet spirant spire spirea spirt spit spite sprag sprain sprang sprat sprent sprig spring springe sprint sprit sprite sri stag stage stager stagier staig stain stainer stair stane stang star stare staring stearin stein step stern sterna sting stinger stipe stir stirp strain strang strange strap strep stria striae string strip stripe ta tae tag tags tain tains tan tang tangier tangs tans tap tape taper tapering tapers tapes taping tapir tapirs tapis taps tar tare tares targe targes taring tarn tarns tarp tarps tars tarsi tas tea tear tearing tears teas teasing teg tegs ten tenia tenias tens tepa tepas terai terais terga tern terns ti tie tier tiers ties tiger tigers tin tine tinea tineas tines ting tinge tinges tings tins tip tips tire tires tis tisane tragi train trains traipse trans trap trapes traps trepan trepang trepangs trepans triage triages triens tries trig trigs trine trines trip tripe tripes trips tsar

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