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The word or uses 2 letters:or.

OR is playable in:

Words With Friends2
Scrabble US2
Scrabble UK2

conj. - A particle that marks an alternative; as, you may read or may write, -- that is, you may do one of the things at your pleasure, but not both. It corresponds to either. You may ride either to London or to Windsor. It often connects a series of words or propositions, presenting a choice of either; as, he may study law, or medicine, or divinity, or he may enter into trade. 2

prep. & adv. - Ere; before; sooner than. 2

n. - Yellow or gold color, -- represented in drawing or engraving by small dots. 2

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Words formed by adding one letter

b - bro6 orb6 rob6

c - cor6 orc6 roc6

d - dor4 rod4

f - for6 fro6

g - gor5

k - kor7

m - mor6 rom6

n - nor4

a - oar3 ora3

e - ore3 roe3

s - ors3

t - ort3 rot3 tor3

u - our4

p - pro6

h - rho5

w - row6

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