Definition of od

The word od uses 2 letters:do.

OD is playable in:

Words With Friends3
Scrabble US3
Scrabble UK3

n. - An alleged force or natural power, supposed, by Reichenbach and others, to produce the phenomena of mesmerism, and to be developed by various agencies, as by magnets, heat, light, chemical or vital action, etc.; -- called also odyle or the odylic force. 2

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Words formed by adding one letter

a - ado4

b - bod7

c - cod7 doc7

e - doe4 ode4

g - dog6 god6

l - dol5 old5

m - dom7 mod7

n - don5 nod5

r - dor4 rod4

s - dos4 ods4 sod4

t - dot4 tod4

w - dow7

u - duo5 oud5 udo5

h - hod6

d - odd5

p - pod7

y - yod6

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