Definitions of no

The word no uses 2 letters:no.

NO is playable in:

Words With Friends3
Scrabble US2
Scrabble UK2

a. - Not any; not one; none. 2

adv. - Nay; not; not at all; not in any respect or degree; -- a word expressing negation, denial, or refusal. Before or after another negative, no is emphatic. 2

n. - A refusal by use of the wordd no; a denial. 2

n. - A negative vote; one who votes in the negative; as, to call for the ayes and noes; the noes have it. 2

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Words formed by adding one letter

c - con7

d - don5 nod5

e - eon4 one4

f - fon7

h - hon6 noh6

i - ion4

m - mon7 nom7

b - nob7

g - nog6

o - noo4

r - nor4

s - nos4 ons4 son4

t - not4 ton4

w - now7 own7 won7

y - yon6

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