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Definitions of measure
n. - A standard of dimension; a fixed unit of quantity or extent; an extent or quantity in the fractions or multiples of which anything is estimated and stated; hence, a rule by which anything is adjusted or judged. 2
n. - An instrument by means of which size or quantity is measured, as a graduated line, rod, vessel, or the like. 2
n. - The dimensions or capacity of anything, reckoned according to some standard; size or extent, determined and stated; estimated extent; as, to take one's measure for a coat. 2
n. - The contents of a vessel by which quantity is measured; a quantity determined by a standard; a stated or limited quantity or amount. 2
n. - Extent or degree not excessive or beyong bounds; moderation; due restraint; esp. in the phrases, in measure; with measure; without or beyond measure. 2
n. - Determined extent, not to be exceeded; limit; allotted share, as of action, influence, ability, or the like; due proportion. 2
n. - The quantity determined by measuring, especially in buying and selling; as, to give good or full measure. 2
n. - Undefined quantity; extent; degree. 2
n. - Regulated division of movement 2
n. - A regulated movement corresponding to the time in which the accompanying music is performed; but, especially, a slow and stately dance, like the minuet. 2
n. - The group or grouping of beats, caused by the regular recurrence of accented beats. 2
n. - The space between two bars. 2
a. - The manner of ordering and combining the quantities, or long and short syllables; meter; rhythm; hence, a foot; as, a poem in iambic measure. 2
a. - A number which is contained in a given number a number of times without a remainder; as in the phrases, the common measure, the greatest common measure, etc., of two or more numbers. 2
a. - A step or definite part of a progressive course or policy; a means to an end; an act designed for the accomplishment of an object; as, political measures; prudent measures; an inefficient measure. 2
a. - The act of measuring; measurement. 2
a. - Beds or strata; as, coal measures; lead measures. 2
n. - To ascertain by use of a measuring instrument; to compute or ascertain the extent, quantity, dimensions, or capacity of, by a certain rule or standard; to take the dimensions of; hence, to estimate; to judge of; to value; to appraise. 2
n. - To serve as the measure of; as, the thermometer measures changes of temperature. 2
n. - To pass throught or over in journeying, as if laying off and determining the distance. 2
n. - To adjust by a rule or standard. 2
n. - To allot or distribute by measure; to set off or apart by measure; -- often with out or off. 2
v. i. - To make a measurement or measurements. 2
v. i. - To result, or turn out, on measuring; as, the grain measures well; the pieces measure unequally. 2
v. i. - To be of a certain size or quantity, or to have a certain length, breadth, or thickness, or a certain capacity according to a standard measure; as, cloth measures three fourths of a yard; a tree measures three feet in diameter. 2

The word "measure" uses 7 letters: A E E M R S U.

No direct anagrams for measure found in this word list.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after measure (in bold), or to aeemrsu in any order:
d -   measured   q -   marquees   r -   measurer   s -   measures   reassume  

Shorter words found within measure:
ae   am   ameer   ameers   amu   amus   amuse   amuser   ar   are   ares   arm   arms   ars   arse   arum   arums   as   aures   ear   ears   ease   eau   em   eme   emes   emeu   emeus   ems   emu   emus   er   era   eras   erase   ere   ers   es   ma   mae   maes   mar   mare   mares   mars   marse   mas   maser   me   mere   meres   mesa   mu   mura   muras   mure   mures   mus   muse   muser   ram   ramee   ramees   rams   ramus   ras   rase   re   ream   reams   ree   rees   rem   rems   res   reseau   resume   reuse   rue   rues   rum   rums   ruse   sae   same   saree   sau   sea   seam   seamer   sear   see   seem   seer   seme   ser   sera   sere   serum   smear   sue   suer   sum   sura   sure   um   urase   urea   ureas   urease   ursa   ursae   us   use   user  

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