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The word itch uses 4 letters:chit.

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v. i. - To have an uneasy sensation in the skin, which inclines the person to scratch the part affected. 2

v. i. - To have a constant desire or teasing uneasiness; to long for; as, itching ears. 2

n. - An eruption of small, isolated, acuminated vesicles, produced by the entrance of a parasitic mite (the Sarcoptes scabei), and attended with itching. It is transmissible by contact. 2

n. - Any itching eruption. 2

n. - A sensation in the skin occasioned (or resembling that occasioned) by the itch eruption; -- called also scabies, psora, etc. 2

n. - A constant irritating desire. 2

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a - aitch10

b - bitch13

s - chits10 stich10

d - ditch11

e - ethic10

f - fitch13

h - hitch12

y - itchy12

l - licht11

p - pitch13

k - thick14

w - witch13

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