Definition of ism

The word ism uses 3 letters:ims.

ISM is playable in:

Words With Friends6
Scrabble US5
Scrabble UK5

n. - A doctrine or theory; especially, a wild or visionary theory. 2

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Direct anagrams of ism

mis6 sim6

Words found within ism through unscramble

2 letter words




Words formed by adding one letter

j - jism16

k - skim11

v - vims11

w - swim10

p - imps10 simp10

b - mibs10

g - migs9

h - shim9

n - nims8

l - mils8 slim8

d - mids8 dims8

e - semi7 mise7

a - amis7 sima7 aims7

t - smit7 mist7

s - sims7 miss7 isms7

r - rims7 mirs7

o - miso7

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