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Definition of inmates
plural of inmate 1

The word "inmates" uses 7 letters: A E I M N S T.

Direct anagrams of inmates:
  etamins   tameins

Words formed by adding one letter before or after inmates (in bold), or to aeimnst in any order:
a -   amentias   animates   b -   ambients   c -   amnestic   semantic   d -   mediants   e -   etamines   matinees   miseaten   f -   manifest   g -   mangiest   mintages   misagent   steaming   h -   hematins   k -   mistaken   l -   ailments   aliments   manliest   melanist   smaltine   n -   mannites   o -   amniotes   misatone   r -   minarets   raiments   s -   mantises   matiness  

Shorter words found within inmates:
ae   ai   aim   aims   ain   ains   ais   ait   aits   am   amen   amens   ament   aments   ami   amie   amies   amin   amine   amines   amins   amis   an   ane   anes   ani   anime   animes   anis   anise   ant   ante   antes   anti   antis   ants   as   at   ate   ates   east   eat   eats   em   emit   emits   ems   en   ens   entia   es   et   eta   etamin   etas   etna   etnas   in   inmate   ins   inseam   inset   is   ism   it   item   items   its   ma   mae   maes   main   mains   maist   man   mane   manes   mans   manse   mantes   mantis   mas   mast   mat   mate   mates   matin   matins   mats   me   mean   means   meant   meat   meats   men   mensa   menta   mesa   mesian   met   meta   metis   mi   mien   miens   mina   minae   minas   mine   mines   mint   mints   mis   misate   mise   miseat   mist   mite   mites   na   nae   nam   name   names   nates   ne   neat   neats   neist   nema   nemas   nest   net   nets   nim   nims   nit   nite   nites   nits   sae   sain   saint   same   samite   sane   sat   sate   satem   sati   satin   sea   seam   seat   sei   semi   semina   sen   sent   senti   set   seta   si   sim   sima   sin   sine   sit   site   smit   smite   snit   stain   stamen   stane   steam   stein   stem   stime   ta   tae   tain   tains   tam   tame   tamein   tames   tamis   tams   tan   tans   tas   tea   team   teams   teas   ten   tenia   tenias   tens   ti   tie   ties   time   times   tin   tine   tinea   tineas   tines   tins   tis   tisane  

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